At 57, Elizabeth Hurley's abs are 💯 in an unedited bikini video

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A good lipgloss can make all the difference in the way your pout looks. And no one knows this better than the iconic Elizabeth Hurley.

The 57-year-old actress dropped a mirror video on Instagram of herself wearing a white bikini and sunglasses while slathering on what looks like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Lip Hydro-Plump Treatment. Liz smacks her lips together and gives the camera a winning smile before signing off. 'South of France heaven 💗,' she wrote in the caption. 'EH bikini, @clinique lipgloss & #eltonjohneyewear.'

And while her lips are certainly the stars of this post, so are her toned abs and arms.

Naturally, the comments section of her post were flooded with fire emojis. 'Dreambabe 😍❤️,' wrote one person. 'Oh my goodness,' said another.

While Elizabeth is super active, she’s made it clear that she’s not really interested in going to get her sweat on at a gym. 'I don't really do any set exercise, per se, because I prefer to get my exercise from doing something than being in the gym,' she told Women’s Health last year.

Instead, she opts for found fitness (which, JIC you’re not familiar with it, is where you find ways to be active and build strength doing regular daily activities). That includes doing squats while she brushes her teeth to tone her legs and butt, and taking her dogs for 20-minute walks that are fast enough to get her heart rate up.

She’s also big into logging. Yes, like hauling trees around. 'I do a lot of exercise, but it’s really the gardening… cutting down a hedge, using my chainsaw to cut down a tree, logging, all of that stuff I do. So, I’m very active,' Elizabeth told Extra.

Clearly, she prefers exercising outdoors to indoor workouts. 'I do as much outside during the winter as I do during the summer,' Elizabeth told WH, noting that gardening is really her main jam. 'Not only do I feel, well, actually exhausted, but also I feel that I've got the leaves up, which is also a nice thing.'

On the food front, Liz has previously said that she likes to have a good breakfast. 'I like things like an omelette, or I like avocado on toast or some tomatoes,' she told Us Weekly back in 2018. 'I always have something for breakfast.'

Yum. Pass the avocado toast.

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