At 53, J.Lo's abs look more toned than ever in new vid

<span class="caption">Jennifer Lopez's core looks stronger than ever</span>
Jennifer Lopez's core looks stronger than ever

Jennifer Lopez is going to be delivering new music in 2023, and we are here for it! The singer, 53, told everyone on Instagram over Thanksgiving weekend that she will be releasing an album titled "This Is Me...Now," and shared an iconic video to make the announcement. Jennifer's new album is an ode to her previous album that she made during her first relationship with Ben Affleck titled "This Is Me...Then."

But the new album is a twist on the previous one, and in the announcement clip, J.Lo shows her transformation from the album's first cover photo to her current photo on the new album. The video shows J.Lo wearing a mini white corset, jacket and a low-rise leather miniskirt. And the whole look highlights her seriously toned core. Here's the evidence:

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J.Lo scrubbed her IG for the new announcement, but it's pretty obvious that she is fully dedicated to her workouts. She previously told Us Weekly that she 'very rarely skips a workout.' Thankfully, she kept her old TikTok videos that still show off her fitness highlights. Like this video of Jennifer getting in some serious shoulder work on a resistance machine:

And of course, she never shies away from a TikTok dance challenge:

That's not all she does, though. J.Lo has also worked with dancer and choreographer in aerial acrobatics, Johanna Sapakie, who worked with the singer and actress for her role in Hustlers and continued to train with Jennifer through her 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. BTW, the pole dancing workouts these two did together were a full body workout.

'Everything is working in unison to create the movement,' Sapakie told Women’s Health US. 'If your body works as a total package, you’re much more likely to be successful than if you rely on just one muscle group.'

The two also did cross training with a special focus on J.Lo's core. Speaking of abs, J.Lo's own core routine is also intense. Her trainer Dodd Romero previously shared her go-to core workout with O, the Oprah Magazine, which features: 50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches, and 50 incline sit-ups with a 45-pound plate. Then she follows that up with 35 reps of everything, and then an additional 21 reps of everything—with no breaks in between. (My abs hurt just reading it!)

And, of course, Jennifer eats a really healthy, balanced diet. She previously told People, 'I don't deprive myself. But I've learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.'

Her personal chef, Kelvin Fernandez told Us Weekly, that J.Lo’s fridge is always stocked with sparkling water, fruits, and veggies. 'There's always greens, like spinach, cucumber, and celery to make green juice,' he said.

Get it, J.Lo!

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