52 Easy Yet Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

Getting motivated is hard, especially when you're in a funk or stressed about one of the many things going on in your life - or in the world in general. Forget pushing yourself to follow your dreams; it can even be difficult to stay motivated enough to get through the activities that are meant to help you get motivated enough to complete your daily responsibilities. Have you ever been writing a to-do list, only to get caught up in your favorite Netflix show, for instance? Or been heading to the gym, only to realize you've just wasted 45 minutes scrolling through your phone, with only one athletic sock on? A lack of motivation can thrust you into an unhealthy cycle that may seem like it will never end - but, there are ways to overcome these issues and find motivation that will last. These simple yet effective tips will help you hit the "refresh" button on your life and let you become the person that achieves whatever they set their mind to. Here, the best things you can do to get motivated, whether you're trying to get fired up enough to complete that at-home workout, apply to a new job, make the first move on your crush, or just get out of bed this morning.

- Additional reporting by Emily Co, Maya Berry, Tara Block, and Naomi Parris

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