50th anniversary of A Rapa das Bestas festival at A Capelada

The Capelada mountain, in northwest Galicia is the seat of the geopark of the same name, with 11 hectares and the highest cliffs in Europe. This fiesta dates back to the 15th century and is held every year in the first week of June in Cedeira. It is a task that has traditionally been indispensable for the deworming, branding and wound healing of wild horses. These animals play a very important role in the conservation of this area as thanks to their diet, based on gorse and silva, they clear the forest, preventing fires. In addition, they make way for other animals, such as cows, in a synergistic way. This event took place in the Galician town of Cedeira on June 2nd when about 500 horses, owned by 20 local families, were grouped together by riders and horsewomen in O Curro - fenced, so that the "Besteiros" proceeded to the cutting of manes and deworming of the animals. These young men carry out a dangerous task, as they have to move within the hustle and bustle of the Curro to first separate the horse foals, and then to grab all the individuals one by one doing this complicated manoeuvres to cut their manes and tails in a real body-to-body fight. Despite this, there is always time for them to mount and show off their equestrian skills.