At 50, Jennifer Garner in this workout video is the motivation we all need 😮

Jennifer Garner really can do it all. She’s an incredible actress, fun mom, and, apparently, professional-status box jumper!

The 13 Going On 30 actress showed off some seriously impressive moves on Instagram while doing a workout this weekend. Jennifer, 50, shows everyone just how strong and limber she is as she leaps from the ground onto a box that is 33 inches high. In her caption, Jen writes, '33” is very tall. 🐸' and uh....yeah, it is, Jen!

Jen starts the video by doing a test jump and landing on her knees on the box. But being the iconic queen she is, Jen immediately gets back up to try it again. The second time around, she absolutely crushes it.

Of course, her IG followers and lots of her celeb friends were really impressed, with one person commenting, 'Bravaaaaaaa👏👏👏👏,' and another adding, 'Kapow👏!!' A third complimented Jennifer's professional athlete-level skills: 'HOPS🔥.'

The star’s gym game should come as no surprise, though, because she's been sharing a lot of her training videos on the 'gram. And her strong legs are proof of her dedication to the box jump game.

Jennifer's trainer, Beth Nicely, founder of The Limit, a dance workout method, describes the actress as someone who 'likes to work really hard; she's very, very strong,' she told Shape. Nicely also literally called Jen 'a professional athlete in what she's capable of physically.' Honestly, after watching her moves, I would have to agree with that.

During their typical workout routines, Nicely and Jen tend to do a variation of plyometric box jumps, strength training arm exercises, and plank variations, Shape reported.

Jen is constantly pushing herself, though. In one IG workout video, Jen uses various-sized boxes and a trampoline to target her full body. Her first exercise involves jumping on 12 inch and 18 inch boxes, working her quads and glutes. The way she just soars on top of them is honestly wild.

Jen then breaks up the boxes to put two 18 inch tall boxes next to each other with a narrow space between them. She jumps up to the side, down to the middle, and up again before changing directions and doing the whole thing all over again.

Dang, Jen, I’m tired just watching. Keep killing it!

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