30+ Free Stencils That Will Take Your Pumpkin Carving to the Next Level

During the season of all things pumpkin, you can't go anywhere without seeing patches of orange - aka - it's time to pick out your favorite pumpkin in the patch and get it ready for Halloween!

Traditional pumpkin carving has its charm, but this year, take your skills to a whole new level with these unique stencils that can show off your style. Check out all these options that you can download and print at home.

Once you pick your perfect design, here are some tips for making your stencil:

  1. After printing it, cut out the shape of your stencil with a sharp X-Acto knife.

  2. To attach it to your pumpkin, either use tape or stencil adhesive spray.

  3. Use a stencil brush to paint over the stencil and let it dry for 20 minutes.

  4. Meanwhile, you can cut the lid off the circular lid of the pumpkin and remove all the pulp from inside.

  5. Peel off the stencil and get to carving that pumpkin. Consider investing in a pumpkin carving kit to make the process smoother.

Check out the stencils ahead!

- Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes

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