5 Ways Aaliyah Still Influences Fashion


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The music industry in the 90s provided the world with a large number of style icons as they utilised this platform to showcase their characteristics and individuality. R&B is however a specific genre that created many celebrities many of us look up to till this day, still blasting their music out loud and idolising their personal style.

One of these individuals that took the world by storm with not only her music but her individual style is the late Aaliyah. Aaliyah graced us with her tomboy style with a hint of sexiness that permitted females to acknowledge that fashion is about embracing who you really are and working with what you got.

Although the singer established her own look at such a young age, there is so much she taught us during this process. Aaliyah taught us all the power of dressing up and breaking society as well as fashion norms. It is alright to sport menswear the way you wish to do so. It’s all about doing it to in a way that showcases who you are.

Not only did she wear both mens and womenswear perfectly but Aaliyah was a trendsetter for many reasons. In addition to this, she limited the amount of makeup she wore whether that was on the red carpet or her intriguing music videos. She kept it all naturelle!

Marking 15 years since her heartbreaking passing, it’s only appropriate to pay tribute to this beauty as we look at the 5 ways she still influences today’s fashion.

So shall we get started?

Oversized jeans & fitted tops

[Image: Getty/Tim Mosenfelder]

Firstly let’s be very honest, Aaliyah Haughton put the oversized look on the map.

We witnessed the star sport baggy jeans with matching jackets, branded underwear whose band is revealed at the top of the jeans and a petite wrap top. Now this look was definitely glorified as she continued to work the hell out of it however it is more influential now than it’s ever been.

We’ve reached the point in fashion and society where the 90s look has made a comeback. Although Aaliyah’s outfits were always influential, it now reached it’s peak. Oversized looks are now present on the red carpets (HBA Fall 2016), on the streets as individuals now dress the way Aaliyah once did with their own additional twists. It represents everything today’s fashion embodies.


[Photo: Getty/Tim Mosenfelder]

As many of you are probably aware, jumpsuits are one of the biggest trends at the moment around the world as it is present in most high street stores, on designers catwalks and sported by those we look up to in the public eye.

Style icons such as Rihanna have definitely taken a page from Aaliyah’s infamous book.



[Image via Pinterest]

Chokers have become a necessity this summer due to the edge it adds to one’s outfit. Although this 90s grunge look reappeared into the fashion scene this year, it was once very popular amongst R&B singers specifically Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica and more.

Let’s however not forget the moment we first laid eyes on Aaliyah music video ‘Try Again’ and saw her glistening choker as she wore it with a matching bralet. Did that just leave you speechless?! She may have been the first to sport such a eye catching choker during her time. Adding another reason as to why she is a style icon.


[Image via Keke Palmer Instagram]

Actress and singer Keke Palmer recreated Aaliyah’s look last year for Halloween, assuring everything was perfect from head to toe as she paid tribute to the late icon.

Sporty Attire

[Image via Tommy Hilfiger]

This year is definitely all about the sporty-chic style as we witness everyone display this look but who actually worked the hell out of this look other than Aaliyah? Nobody.

Aaliyah embodied what it meant to be sexy in menswear especially when it came to Tommy Hilfiger. in 1996 the singer became the face of the brand and increased the brand’s profile immediately! Since then this look has been imitated by other brands such as Calvin Klein with crop tops and underwire waistbands.

[Photo: Image/Kendall Jenner]

Here we’ve got model Kendall Jenner sporting a Calvin Klein set with baggy jeans as a photograph of her is taken for her social media.



[Image via Pinterest]

This look is so simple but yet she looks so beautiful. Aaliyah stayed true to her sense of style as she sported a white suit with a body chain. She kept her jewellery to a minimal as it would have strayed away from her look especially since the body chain is already eye catching and a dominant piece.

The R&B star Aaliyah Haughton will always remain iconic, timeless and unforgettable.

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