5 trending kitchen organisation hacks on TikTok

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Photo credit: Andreas von Einsiedel - Getty Images
Photo credit: Andreas von Einsiedel - Getty Images

When we envisage our dream kitchen, it's normally one that is super organised, with everything in its place. However, in reality, it can be hard to ensure that our space is kept in tip-top shape; there's a science to organisation and it isn't always easy.

Thankfully though, social media is full of tips and tricks to help organise your kitchen to reduce stress as much as possible – though we can't promise it will completely quell the angst of hosting a dinner party.

But the benefits of an organised kitchen go far beyond the cooking process, it can have a positive impact on our mental health, too.

Tap Warehouse has teamed up with psychologist, Lee Chambers, to reveal how an organised kitchen can help reduce stress. Lee says the mental wellbeing benefits are numerous, from the feeling of releasing old items we no longer need or can use, to finding the things we didn't even know we had, creating a novel moment we weren't expecting.

As far as social media is concerned, it can be a great tool to help us transform our spaces – Lee says these TikTok hacks can promote a positive outcome. 'They are powerful because it shows a transformation, from a place of chaos to a place of serenity and order,' he explains.

Ultimately, Lee adds: 'It feels great because it's something we can control...organising it makes you feel like a champion of your own making.'

So on that note, here are the kitchen organisation hacks currently trending on TikTok...

How to organise your kitchen to reduce stress

1. Place a bin bag on your bin like a hat

Apparently, we've all been putting our bin bags on wrong. According to TikTok user @storedsimply, we should put the edge of the bin bag around the bin like a hat, then the bag can be placed inside. This way you don't have to mess around trying to tuck in the edge of the bag.

2. Create a spice and tins turntable for just £3.60

TikTok is rife with turntables, otherwise known as lazy susans, to cleverly organise kitchen cabinets. However, with these swivel tables costing £10 on average, these can certainly add up if you're adding a few to your kitchen. Thankfully, this TikTok hack shows you how to create a lazy susan easily for just £3.60. All you need is two sandwich cake tins, then place marbles in between for a handy turntable.

3. Store appliances in a cabinet with a lift base to save counter space

This clever hack video from @valerie_hhouse is the third top kitchen organising hack with 6.8 million views. Whilst the video showcases a variety of tips, we particularly like the ingenious appliance storage. The TikTok user stores her stand mixer in a special cabinet with a rising base. The base can lift and click into place so it's in line with the counter and ready to use. Once finished, push the base back down to store away.

4. Create a makeshift pantry for just £5

Not everyone has space or money to add a pantry to their kitchen. However, TikTok influencer, @ryanwarner01, demonstrates using an over-the-door shoe organiser for kitchen storage. No surprise this video has a huge 3.5 million views. The organiser is great for storing travel cups, as well as dry foods, and it only costs around £5. If you have a family this can even be used to place lunchboxes for your family to grab and go in the morning. Who knew shoe storage had so many uses?

5. How to organise under your kitchen sink

While you're organising and decluttering your kitchen, don't forget about under your kitchen sink. Clutter around this area can make your kitchen feel disorganised. Luckily, @glam_home_decor shows how to organise this space in this viral post with 3.5 million views. Utilise gliding drawers for cleaning supplies, from sponges to sprays. Baskets are ideal for storing cloths and wire sponges.

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