5 Travel Beauty Hacks


We don’t all have the privilege of travelling with a hair and makeup team but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk out of the plane or car looking fabulous and fresh! Travelling faces us with many problems such as dry skin, breakouts, smudged makeup and lifeless hair.

With these simple hacks you can go on a 12 hour journey and look just look as good as you did when you set off.

1. Banish dry skin


Ever traveled somewhere by any method of transport and arrived with really dry skin? It’s actually a common problem among many people, the air that circulates is what causes your skin to dry out. To save your skin from this, moisturise more than ever, the night before and the morning of.

Using something that is high in hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated and keeping a bottle of rosewater spray with you during your journey and spraying every now and then will get moisturise straight into the skin and say no to dry skin!

2. Combat nasty breakouts


Whenever I go away somewhere, my skin always breaks out. Probably due to the change in humidity and environment. If you’re on a long haul flight, invest in some sheet masks. They come in travel friendly packets and are for one use only - making them easy to apply for 15 minutes, remove and then voila clean skin!

Remember to also keep hydrated during the journey and as soon as you arrive, exfoliate and tackle the blemish. Use your toothpaste to eliminate it.

3. Tackle hair tangles


Similar to banishing dry skin, prep your hair the night before. Wash and condition your hair using your preferred products, apply a treatment spray that helps to strengthen and then move onto styling.

Use a heat protection spray, blow dry and set your hair so it looks perfect. The next morning, comb through and take it with you on the trip. You can keep the tangles at bay and control the frizz.

4. Pump in the volume


Tangles aren’t the only thing that is annoying about travelling, but volume magically disappearing is another. You want to keep the volume in your hair from start to finish, at all costs.

Flip your hair upside down, tie it into a loose top knot and relax. The knot will help to preserve the volume and set your hair - if you have short hair wet with water at the roots to add back in the volume. You’ll arrive with luscious locks giving you the perfect opportunity to do a hair flip.

5. Protect your makeup


I’m one of those beauty lovers that has to take a makeup bag bigger than her ego with her everywhere. It sometimes gets a bit ridiculous when I carry 6 lipstick, 4 concealers and 2 foundations - but I need them all! A makeup bag, no matter how small or big is sometimes not enough to prevent damage to your items.

Avoid taking anything made of glass, empty foundation or primer into a tub to make it easier and safer. For your compacts place a powder puff inside to act as a shock absorber. Also, pack it in the middle of your suitcase surrounded by t-shirts and trousers to save it from going all over the place.

Travelling doesn’t have to be a stressful process and you can depart and arrive looking like you had your own glam squad. What more do you want?

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