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Create Independent Work Spaces

Your work environment can directly affect your motivation and creativity, so it's important for you and your partner to both maintain your own identities through your work spaces in your homes. So, agree to configure separate work areas to foster your own ideas in.

This can be as simple as agreeing on someone working at a desk and someone working at the kitchen table, or even distinguishing your spaces with your favorite work essentials like your preferred lighting, the amount of surface space you need, or little things that bring your joy like plants or journals.

5 Tips For Working From Home With Your Partner So You Don't Drive Each Other Crazy

While there are many useful tips and tricks for working remotely, many of those are rooted in working from home alone or with younger kids. But what about people in relationships who have to share space with partners? Working from home with another person is tricky to navigate, especially if you both have established habits, preferences, or conflicting methods to think creatively and avoid distractions.

Just like any element of a relationship, coexisting in a work space requires a whole lot of communication and an understanding of the other person's needs. You may feel like your relationship is being tested and your motivation has dropped way more than you'd like, especially if you're only being seen by and seeing one other person all day. Instead of going crazy or risking a fight, keep reading for five tips on ways to refresh your working habits to maximize efficiency to conciously agree on.


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