5 Things To Get Right Now Which Will Save You Money

Stevie Martin

Everyone's a little worried about money right now, especially if you're a young woman, and everyone's spending habits have changed majorly in recent weeks and months. So the idea of spending money when you're trying not to spend money sounds counterproductive; if times are tight, why buy more stuff?

The thing is, sometimes spending a little money now can help you save a lot more money later. Yes, it may sound boring. But think of it like this: a tenner might seem a lot to drop on a reusable water bottle now, but in the long run you're going to end up spending way more than that on bottled water. You can apply this mindset to anything.

Once you crack it, your bank balance (and Future You) will thank you when rent day comes around. Because it all adds up.

Read on for some ingenious ideas for things you can invest in right now to help set you up for the future...

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