If You're Pregnant and Want a Strong Core and Glutes, Here Are 5 Must-Do Pilates Moves

Jenny Sugar

Pregnancy is such a fantastic time to prepare for the physical demands of labor and motherhood. If you're expecting, you may be wondering what kind of exercise to focus on and what's actually safe. Expert Pilates instructor Hollie Grant, founder of the Bump Plan, shared her top five Pilates moves for pregnancy.

If we think about car seats, strollers, and diaper bags, they are all really heavy, so Grant said, "let's focus on training for this upcoming endurance marathon." She said that there are some key areas of the body that are essential to train during pregnancy to help maintain good posture, reduce your risk of pregnancy-related lower back pain, and to ensure you're strong and functional for when your baby (or babies) arrive. These are the glutes, upper back extensors, transverse abdominis, and the pelvic floor, and here are five moves that target them.

Best Prenatal Pilates Moves

Equipment needed: None

Directions: Perform these five exercises a few times a week. Read on for directions on how to do each exercise.


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