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Aquamarine's Blue Halter Dress

Aquamarine's blue halter minidress is effortlessly romantic, and it's definitely engraved into my mind. I was also really impressed by the creation of this dress, considering she makes it all by herself in two minutes using one of Hailey's oversize shirts.

5 Outfits From Aquamarine That I'd 100% Wear Today

When it comes to mermaid movies, the 2006 gem Aquamarine is my favorite. If you've never heard of the movie, it's about the unlikely friendship of two girls - pop-star-era JoJo and Unfabulous-era Emma Roberts - and mermaid Aquamarine, who's played by Sara Paxton. To be completely honest, I grew up watching this movie, eating Ben & Jerry's Phish Food (because DUH, "it's what mermaids eat"), and wishing I was a mermaid who got to kiss Raymond, the whole town's surfer crush. But aside from the tween drama and the hot boys, this movie helped me dream up a lot of cool and effortless outfit ideas. Ahead, check out all the fashionable moments, and see how I'm still re-creating them to this very day.


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