The 5 most handy kitchen utensils for your drawer, ranked

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Welcome back to our Test Kitchen series, where Grace and Georgie from our cookery team get to work finding all those items that will help make your life a little easier at home. They’ve already pinned down the best lemon squeezer and the only milk frother you need. This week, they’ve picked the top five tools that are deserving of space in your drawers – in order.

Watch them in action in the video below then check out the recommendations.

The five most handy kitchen utensils for your drawer, ranked!

5) A knife sharpener

If you’ve ever tried to chop an onion with a dull knife, you’ll know how tedious it is. This AnySharp sharpener is much safer (and easier) to use than traditional steels; just stick it firmly down on the worktop with the suction cup and run your knife through a few times. Remember to wash your knife after to avoid getting rogue steel shavings in your vegetables! Once you’re done, it’ll fit neatly back in your drawer.

4) A garlic crusher

Yes, you can chop garlic with a knife, but using a dedicated crusher is easier, more efficient and helps you avoid getting that dreaded garlic smell all over your fingers. This Zyliss model was the team’s favourite. It’s remarkably sturdy and makes light work of crushing cloves, even without peeling them first.

3) A set of measuring spoons

Investing in a set of measuring spoons has multiple benefits. For one, they’re much more accurate than using traditional tea and tablespoons. Secondly, it stops you from using up all your spoons during the cooking process and leaving none clean when it’s time for a cuppa! (I can also recommend investing in a set; it is one of those things you wonder what you did without!)

2) A microplane

A microplane is easier to hold and quicker to clean than a traditional large grater; making it much easier to hold over your bolognese for a final flourish. This one is very sharp, whether you’re grating citrus fruits or Parmesan, very little pressure is required to create a generous amount of shavings.

1) A spatula

Of course – a spatula. This humble tool will serve you well for meals from breakfast through to dinner and dessert. Risottos, sticky sauces, cake batters or roast potatoes are no match for this colourful flipper. The team also liked that it's bendy – helping you get right into corners. An absolute kitchen essential!

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