The 5 makeup products you need to buy from Sculpted by Aimee Connolly

Laura Capon
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Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon

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Irish makeup artist Aimee Connolly officially launched her brand in England in 2020 and when I say it was the best thing to happen to me, I really mean it.

As a beauty journalist I have the absolute privilege of trying pretty much every single brand and every single product out there, so it takes a lot for something to stand out to me.

It's genuinely become a running joke between the Cosmo beauty team that I am Aimee Connolly obsessed and I've even got my friends and mum hooked as well.

The brand was founded in 2016 by Aimee, after she felt there was a gap missing in the market. After her success in Ireland, Aimee signed a deal with Boots to launch the brand officially over here.

If you've never tried anything from the brand before, here are my top five favourite products. The ones that need to be added to your basket immediately and that will get you as hooked as me.

Bronze Base Face Tan

Unlike Aimee, I'm not much of a tanner, but since adding this to my routine I think I might finally be converted (it's only taken 34 years).

This is a gradual tan serum that you buff over your moisturiser (with the brush provided) in the morning of evening. I go for evening if you're interested.

First of all, despite my haphazard application, I've never gotten even one streak, not a single tear stain, nothing, nada. A lot of beauty products claim to be foolproof but are nothing but, this however is the real deal.

Not only that, but it gives my skin the kind of glow I could normally only get from 2 weeks on the Costa (which clearly isn't happening anytime soon).

It makes me love my face without foundation, but still looks completely natural.

Second Skin Dewy Finish Foundation

This has to be Aimee's hero product and if you're not going to purchase anything else, make it this.

It's difficult to get the right balance when it comes to luminous bases. Some tinted moisturisers can feel too thick and greasy on the skin, tints can sometimes be too light in coverage and offer very little benefit, Second Skin however nails it, as my before and after shows.

Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon

It gives me coverage so my redness is evened out, but it doesn't feel or look heavy, it's like the lightest tinted moisturiser I've ever tried.

And the glow, oh the glow. Honestly, the formula is just beautiful and if you're not into luminosity they also offer a matte version (which my mum is obsessed with).

Brighten Up Concealer

I'm not normally one for a separate under eye concealer, I worry that it can look a bit 2016 YouTuber (smash that like button, guys), but not this bad boy.

Aimee herself got me hooked on this after we did an Instagram Live together and I saw the immediate brightening (but not frightening) benefits.

I love that it's not too thick because I'm at the age where my under eyes are getting more and more like tissue paper every day. You only need a tiny bit - I like to apply in the inner and outer corner of my under eyes.

Complete Cover Up Concealer

First of you can definitely still use this concealer under your eyes if you only have the budget for one.

I have discovered the best analogy for this product and why I love it so, and that's because it's like Glossier Stretch Concealer and NARS Soft Matte Concealer had a baby and Aimee was the surrogate.

It has that beautiful flexibility of Glossier, meaning it never looks cakey and blends perfectly with your fingers, but its not as dewy so it lasts longer, without being as drying as NARS.

Lip Duos

This is why I personally prefer makeup artist led brands as opposed to celebrity. Makeup artists hone their craft every single day and in my opinion always come up with the most innovative yet functional products.

Photo credit: Laura Capon
Photo credit: Laura Capon

Like this double ended lipstick that comes with a liner on one end and a creamy lipstick on the other. The shade I'm wearing is Mauve Match.

It takes a lot for me to rave this heavily about a brand so if you do pick anything up I want to hear how much you love it.

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