6 hacks to cool down your home in a heatwave

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Photo credit: Dobbies Garden Centres
Photo credit: Dobbies Garden Centres

Struggling to beat the heat? With the UK heatwave on its way, keeping cool at home can be a challenge. Whether you need some tips for sleeping at night or are working remotely, there are lots of clever ways to survive the scorching sun.

To help you out, TikTok user @thatpropertyguy has revealed the easy tricks to help you cope. From turning off appliances to popping bedding in the freezer, take a look at his simple hacks below...

1. Keep curtains and blinds shut

Looking for a quick way to keep your home cool? While lots of us throw open our curtains, blinds and windows on a hot day, one of the best ways to block sunlight is to keep them closed. According to Norwich Sun Blinds, you should only open the windows when the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature.

The TikTok video said: "It might sound daft, but keep your windows shut and draw your curtains. During the day, this will keep the hot air out."

Photo credit: Chairit Teppasom / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chairit Teppasom / EyeEm - Getty Images

2. Circulate cool air inside

Keep cool during the heatwave by circulating cool air inside. To do this, simply fill a large bowl with ice and water. Then, place it in front of a fan and ice-cold air will flow in your room.

"You're going to want to circulate cool air inside the house, so fill up some bowls with water and some ice," That Property Guy adds. "Bowls of water will cool down the house, especially if you use a fan."

3. Try to use ovens less

Use your oven less if you're wanting to keep cool on a sizzling summer's day. As temperatures start to rise, try cooking outside if you can. It's the perfect weather for grilling...

"As ovens create heat, try and do your cooking outside — best to use a barbecue if you can," the TikTok video says.

4. Cool your bedding down in the freezer

Struggling to sleep in the heat? Why not pop your bed sheets in the freezer to cool them down? With temperatures soaring around the UK, keeping your sheets cool is a brilliant way to ensure you rest peacefully at night. Simply put them in an air-tight freezer bag and remove before you climb into bed.

Photo credit: Paul Strowger - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paul Strowger - Getty Images

5. Turn electrics off

Appliances generate heat, so a great way to keep your home cool is to turn them off. From the TV to the radio, keeping these switched off will help you survive the summer heatwave (and also reduce your electricity bill).

Take a look at the full video below...

6. Open your window before bed

Struggling to sleep in the heat? Crack open the window just before bed to give your bedroom a chance to cool down. Bedrooms between 18-21°C are the ideal temperature for us to happily doze off, so you might struggle to hit the hay if it's any hotter.

Dave Gibson at eve Sleep explains: "If it's leaning on the hot and clammy side of things, I recommend cracking open the windows to allow a breeze in and then sticking a fan on to help circulate the cooler air around the room. Don't worry about that whirring noise, studies have shown it can actually be quite soothing for sleep."

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