5 former famous stars who love their normal jobs

Life in the spotlight isn't always as glamorous as it may seem. While many of us dream about seeing our name in lights, some singers who have made the big time decide to trade their microphones for more traditional career paths.

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In celebration of Netflix's new film, I Used To Be Famous, former popstars Hannah Spearritt, Lee Brennan, Edele Lynch, Dan Corsi and Simone Webbe came together to reflect on their music careers and discuss why they ditched the stage for a normal life. Read on to find out what they do now.

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Hannah Spearritt (S Club 7)

Hannah Spearritt rose to fame as one-fifth of the 2000s pop group S Club 7. After forming in 1998, the band shot to stardom and went on to sell over 10 million albums worldwide.

Following five years of number one singles and tours around the world, the group announced their disbandment in 2003 and have since gone on to achieve their individual successes.

Hannah went on to pursue a career in acting and in 2006, landed the lead role of Abby Maitland in the ITV series Primeval. In the coming years, she would star in Casualty and EastEnders as well as taking on the role of Pauline in the theatre production of One Man, Two Guvnors.


Hannah was one-fifth of the 2000s pop group S Club 7

But what does Hannah do now?

Alongside being a mum to her two daughters, Tora and Taya, Hannah is currently in the process of setting up a holistic cafe in Twickenham.

Chatting to Netflix in a panel alongside Simon Webbe and Dan Corsi, Hannah revealed the one thing she learnt from fame. "My biggest thing is finding the enjoyment in the mundane," she explained. "Finding the joy in the mundane because there was no mundane about that time.


Hannah is currently setting up a holistic cafe in Twickenham

"I would never take it away, it was so so fun. Towards the end, it wasn't so great because the fame was becoming quite stressful. For me, it's [about] simplicity now and just stripping it back and letting go."

Simon Webbe (Blue)

Simon Webbe is best known for being in the boy band Blue, which first formed in 2000 before splitting in 2005 and reforming in 2009.

Following the group's disbandment, Simon embarked on his solo career and released three studio albums in 2005, 2006 and 2017.


Simon is part of the boy band Blue

While Blue recently released their sixth studio album, Heart & Soul, Simon has been busy with his second career as the founder of talent agency, Webbe Industries.

Chatting about the impact of fame on his mental health, Simon said: "I'd say it stunts your growth being famous, like smoking stunts your growth. You're put in a box and this is the box that you live in and you're not allowed out of it.

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"At the same time you want to be grateful for it but also you're being trained and moulded into something that might not necessarily be you in years to come."


Simon is the founder of talent agency Webbe Industries

Dan Corsi (Northern Line)

Dan Corsi is known for being one-fifth of the 90s boy band, Northern Line, which enjoyed a successful two years from 1998 to 2000.

The group released three songs charting in the UK Singles Chart and even toured England with Steps before they decided to call it quits.

So, what is Dan doing now?

As well as being a father of two, Dan now spends his time DJing, modelling and acting.


Dan is one-fifth of the 90s boy band Northern Line

Speaking about whether he ever thought he'd end up as a DJ, he said: "I've always DJ'd. I mean, when you go into a band you never think it's going to end, I just took it all for granted. I never thought I'd be back doing [DJing] as a living.

"You still get the buzz, you still go up on stage, there are still people there, you still play the track you want and have a dance. It's still all fun and games."

Lee Brennan (911)

Lee Brennan is the lead singer of the boy band 911. The trio, consisting of  Lee, Jimmy Constable and Simon "Spike" Dawbarn, formed in 1995 and went on to release a total of 14 singles and four albums over the course of their music career.

While they still perform together, Lee has found a very different way of making a living as a nutrition and fitness coach.


Lee Brennan is the lead singer of the boy band 911

When asked how long it took to "find himself" during a panel with B*Witched singer Edele Lynch, he said: "For me, it probably took over a decade.

"I always wanted to help people but I didn't know which route that was going to take me down and how I was going to get there. Now I'm doing nutrition and fitness coaching and it's mindset based.

"I've always been fascinated by psychology and studied a bit of counselling 11 years ago. This is now what I enjoy doing, it's a passion of mine."


Lee is now a nutrition and fitness coach

Edele Lynch (B*Witched)

Edele Lynch shot to stardom along with her twin sister Keavy and fellow group members Sinéad O'Carroll and Sinéad O'Carroll as part of the girl band B*Witched.

The group enjoyed success in both Europe and North America over the course of their career and sold over three million albums worldwide. After being dropped by their label, the band split and the Lynch sisters went on to form a separate group under the name Ms. Lynch before rebranding as Barbarellas.


Edele rose to fame in the girl band B*Witched

Fans rejoiced in 2012, however, when Edele announced that the Barbarellas project had come to an end and B*Witched had reunited. But what is the singer up to now?

When she's not still touring with her bandmates, you can find Edele organising events in the Maldives and Dubai.

Speaking about how difficult it was to adapt after B*Witched was dropped by their label, Edele said: "I just went into myself for a number of weeks, I drank lots, which is something I never really did then and still don't do much of now. I didn't really want to wake up in the morning to hear the news again in my own head so I tried to go out and stay out as long as I could."


Edele now organises events in the Maldives and Dubai

What is Netflix's I Used to be Famous about?

Netflix's new film, I Used to be Famous, tells the story of former boy band member Vince (Ed Skrein), who after falling on hard times following a successful career forms an unlikely friendship with autistic young drummer Stevie (Leo Long).

I Used to be Famous is available on Netflix now.

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