5 Easy(ish) Moves To Finally Master Pull-Ups

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If there is one levelling factor in fitness, it is that will all have movements that we find more difficult than others. It's completely relative, of course. Elite heptathletes and CrossFit competitors have disciplines they view as chinks in their armour, football stars slightly favour one foot over another; rugby internationals are minutely less accurate passing to their left or right.

For people like us, our fitness bête noire is likely to be far more rudimentary. For many, it's not going out on an shaking limb to venture that it may well be pull-ups. Commonly referred to as one of the basic bodyweight moves, pull-ups are hard. Really hard.

MH Elite coach and head of fitness at WIT, Gustavo Vaz Tostes is here with his five tips to progress towards stronger, more secure work on the bar. And if you're lucky enough to be a dab-hand already, going back down the ladder and working on these stages will clean up your reps.

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