'Dexter: New Blood', 'Couples' Therapy': The 5 best things on TV tonight, Monday 10 January

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Monday night's TV highlights. (Showtime)
Monday night's TV highlights. (Showtime)

Rebooted series Dexter: New Blood finishes its first comeback series on Sky Atlantic tonight as the serial killer continues his struggle to live a normal life.

Mind-boggling quiz Only Connect airs its second semi-final tonight as two more teams battle it out to make the series final on BBC Two.

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Tonight's schedules feature some fascinating documentaries - BBC Two steps inside the world of relationship counselling with Couples' Therapy and looks at Brits living luxury lifestyles in Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich, while Channel 4 looks back at the trial of Louise Woodward in The Killer Nanny: Did She Do It?.

The best things to watch on TV tonight, Monday 10 January, 2022

Dexter: New Blood - Sky Atlantic - 9pm

(L-R): Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey Bishop, Jack Alcott as Harriosn Morgan, Alano Miller as Logan, Julia Jones as Angela Bishop, Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in DEXTER.  Photo credit: Kurt Iswarienko/SHOWTIME.
Dexter is still searching for normality. (Showtime)

Serial killer Dexter made his comeback at the end of 2021 after an eight-year hiatus, and tonight sees the rebooted series draw to a close.

Michael C. Hall's conflicted killer began the new series trying to make a new life under a different identity in a small town, but it wasn't long until his murderous urges resurfaced.

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By the series end, he's still hoping to live a "normal" life - but the threats coming his way are increasing all of the time.

Couples' Therapy - BBC Two - 10pm

Programme Name: Couples' Therapy S1 - TX: n/a - Episode: Couples' Therapy S1 - ep1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: L-R Alan and Evelyn  - (C) Showtime Network - Photographer: Grab
Couples talk through their relationship issues. (Showtime)

This fascinating new fly-on-the-wall series goes inside the office of a US couples therapist as she explores their relationship issues over 20 appointments.

Dr Orna Guralnik speaks to real couples who are struggling with issues including whether to become parents, what happened on a traumatic birthday, and if they should stay together at all.

As more of the relationships are revealed, first impressions are challenged and how the couples manage to work things out - or not - becomes addictive viewing.

Only Connect - BBC Two - 8pm

Programme Name: Only Connect S17 - TX: n/a - Episode: Only Connect S17 - Presenter Generics (No. Presenter Generics) - Picture Shows:  Victoria Coren Mitchell - (C) Parasol Media Limited - Photographer: Rory Lindsay
Victoria Coren Mitchell presents the second semi-final. (Parasol Media Limited/Rory Lindsay)

The super tough quiz stages its second semi-final tonight where the last team through to the series final will be named.

Up tonight are the Data Wizards and the Ramblers, who'll be hoping for a slightly easier semi-final than last week's fiendishly difficult walls.

The Killer Nanny: Did She Do It? - Channel 4 - 9pm

The documentary looks at Louise Woodward's trial and sentence. (Kevin Wisniewski/Shutterstock)

Late last year, Channel 5 aired a documentary about British nanny Louise Woodward who was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Matthew Eappen, an eight-month-old baby in her care when she worked in the US as a teenager in 1997.

This is Channel 4's turn at revisiting the case and in this second episode of three, it looks at how the defence argued Woodward had not shaken Eappen to death, as well as interviewing jurors about their decision.

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Woodward's conviction was reduced from second-degree murder in an appeal after her trial, and her sentence of 15 years went down to time served, meaning she was freed immediately.

Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich - BBC Two - 9pm

Programme Name: Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich - TX: n/a - Episode: Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich - Key Art (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Model, in front of Dubai skyline. Amy Kitchingham - (C) Spun Gold TV - Photographer: Production
Sun-soaked luxury features in the BBC series. (Spun Gold TV)

The documentary series looks at what life is like as a Brit living in Dubai and the luxurious lifestyles that are possible.

In tonight's episode, a Geordie supermarket shelf-stacker gets the offer of a lifetime when he is presented with a job opportunity that could completely change his future while on holiday in Dubai.

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