Cadbury’s advent calendars are here, and they’re a chocoholic’s dream come true

While munching our way through the scrumptious chocs we judged on price, variety and more  (iStock/The Independent)
While munching our way through the scrumptious chocs we judged on price, variety and more (iStock/The Independent)

Counting down to Christmas Day with a chocolate-filled advent calendar is one of the best things about December, so it stands to reason you want to make your choice a good one. And fans of Cadbury can rejoice, as we’ve got the skinny on its advent calendar offerings for 2022.

From its classic dairy milk calendar to some super-indulgent countdowns that contain a few surprises along the way, this year the chocolate giant has created a festive-filled chocolate calendar to tempt everyone – they’re not just for kids, you know.

But will you be making a beeline for some buttons or going loopy for curly wurlies? Or are you planning to go all-out this year with the 3D Cadbury Santa’s workshop advent calendar?

Whatever you choose, one thing we can all agree on is that these chocolate calendars trump the cheese, beauty, wine and beer offerings any day of the week.

If you’re a better person than us, perhaps you save your dose of daily seasonal joy for a tea-time treat. But even if you opt to have chocolate for breakfast, there’s no judgement when Christmas is round the corner.

How we tested

We took one for the team and invoked the spirit of Christmas prematurely this year by ripping open each and every window to give you the lowdown on Cadbury’s tastiest advent calendars for 2022. While munching our way through the scrumptious chocs we also thought about price, variety and presentation to find the calendars that would get you up and out of bed on a cold December morning. With prices from just a few pounds up to a tenner for the big 3D calendar, we hope we have provided a calendar to suit almost every budget and chocolate preference. Let’s tuck in...

The best Cadbury calendars for 2022 are:

Cadbury heroes advent calendar

Nothing says “Christmas is coming” like a box of Cadbury heroes, and having all our favourite Cadbury bars in advent calendar format means our Christmas spirit is off the chart. Featuring all the big names we know and love behind the 24 windows: (deep breath now) twirl, double decker, dairy milk caramel, crème egg twisted, wispa, fudge, dairy milk caramel and eclair (phew!), this advent calendar is a joyous way to countdown to Christmas. It also features an interactive daily game activated by a QR code provided behind day one, making it most suitable from age 12.

Buy now £5.40,

Cadbury dairy milk chunk advent calendar

The Cadbury dairy milk chunk advent calendar hits the right balance of luxury and indulgence at a price point that might not make you balk in these unprecedentedly expensive times. It’s weighty and much sturdier than your standard dairy milk calendar and includes 24 individually wrapped chunks of classic chocolate, dairy milk caramel or whole nut.

While we are mildly disappointed that the oft overlooked fruit and nut is not included, there’s no doubt that a generous chunk of dairy milk of any variety will set your day up nicely in the run up to Christmas. It’s nice enough looking to gift to someone special too – even if that is yourself.

Buy now £5.39,

Cadbury dairy milk advent calendar

The original and the best? As the number one selling advent calendar year after year, many would say so. You can’t argue with the format: a sweet lightweight calendar of scrummy dairy milk festive figures hidden behind 24 windows that is the perfect size to hang on your bedroom door using the little hanging tab attached. Featuring a cute Santa design on the front, and a simple game on the reverse, this calendar represents good value for money and a guaranteed tasty start to your December day.

Buy now £2.00,

Cadbury Santa’s workshop advent calendar

This advent calendar looks brilliant: a tower designed to resemble Santa’s workshop with 24 windows dotted around which open to reveal a fun-sized Cadbury treat. Will it be a Freddo or a fudge? A chomp or a curly wurly? You can make an educated guess given the size and shape of the windows, but the element of surprise makes the daily opening exciting. Each window also poses a festive question that kids will love to find the answer to elsewhere on the towering calendar, and a few windows also include a bonus festive sticker for little ones to enjoy.

Buy now £10.00,

Cadbury dairy milk advent tablet

Ok, so it’s not a calendar as such but we had to include this Dairy Milk Advent Tablet as any daily dose of Dairy Milk through December is fine by us. This festive treat takes the form of a large 270g bar handily broken into 25 numbered chunks to take you through the month until Christmas Eve. We can only imagine the willpower involved in stopping at one chunk each day when presented with a supersized bar of our favourite Cadburys chocolate. The wrapper asks “do you accept the challenge?”, and honestly, we don’t know if we do.

Buy now £3.00,

The verdict: Cadbury advent calendars

We scored the Cadbury’s heroes advent calendar as our, well, hero calendar this year thanks to its variety, sheer deliciousness and for remaining at a sensible price in a world where everything seems to be expensive. Tucking into a honeycomb-tastic crunchie gives us the Friday feeling whatever the day of the week, and the opportunity to munch on a crème egg twisted outside of Easter is always utterly joyful: full marks Cadbury’s.

Having said that, we will always have a soft spot for dairy milk and the chunks calendar comes up trumps this year with the mix of caramel, whole nut and the OG dairy milk; who wouldn’t want to tuck into 24 windows of the best chocs on the high street?

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