At 48, Heidi Klum’s Core Is Working Overtime In A New IG Photo

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Leave it to Heidi Klum to bring velour back. The 48-year-old model just made a major statement on Instagram in a bright pink tracksuit.

Heidi glows in an adidas x Jeremy Scott matching set, which includes a crop top and flowy pants. "I can’t take it off 😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖," Heidi shared in the caption of her post. And, while she looked beyond happy and relaxed, we're more focused on her incredibly toned core.

Since her modelling career spans multiple decades, it's no surprise that Heidi knows exactly what works for her when it comes to fitness and food. Here's every step she takes to keep her core this sculpted:

Heidi used to rely on the workout she built with the help of trainer David Kirsch. But now, she mostly works out on her own or with her fam. “I have a treadmill that’s really great, but it sits there unused. I don’t have time for it," she shared with us.

That's usually because she's too busy running outside, instead. "My favourite workout is a long run along the Westside Highway, which stretches along the Hudson River in New York City," Heidi told Glamour. "It's a beautiful path, and you always feel surrounded by such an amazing community. You see the same people running every morning, and they inspire me to keep going."

She also loves sweating it out with her kids on the trampoline or on bike rides along the beach.

As for her diet, Heidi starts her day with a beverage that's packed with nutrients. “One thing [the kids and I] do every morning is have a smoothie,” she told us. All of the ingredients are stored pre-chopped in her fridge, so the process only takes a few minutes.

For breakfast, she might plate up an egg white omelette with green pepper, spring onion, spinach, and parsley, with a side of fresh fruit and a cup of tea. Lunch is usually a piece of Heidi's favourite protein (chicken, turkey, or tuna) paired with some grains and more veggies.

For a snack, Heidi grabs a hard boiled egg for a boost or sips on her favourite green juice, made with cucumber, spinach, kale, and half of a carrot. Dinner focuses on the same food groups, but Heidi levels things up with roasted duck or sushi.

OFC, even Heidi isn't immune from a sweet craving now and then. Her go-to desserts range from yogurt to sorbet to 70% dark chocolate. (Maybe that's where the glow comes from?) Either way, it's clearly working for her—and that core is proof!

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