47 Fury-Inducing Photos That Made Me Want To Sing My Own Version Of "Everything Is Awesome" Except It's "Everything Is Awful!"

47 Fury-Inducing Photos That Made Me Want To Sing My Own Version Of "Everything Is Awesome" Except It's "Everything Is Awful!"

1.Giving people who pay to "boost" their application a better chance at landing a job:

A screenshot showing a message: "Boost your application. Optional. 0/3 boosts available. You can purchase boosts upon completing your application and subsequently apply them."
u/nakedsamurai / Via reddit.com

2.Allowing scams like this:

A phone screen showing an SMS alert about an irregular $1900 transaction charged to Apple with an ANZ Plus card. Suggests visiting a website if unauthorized
u/Zed_Ko / Via reddit.com

3.Requiring a paid membership on a dating app so you can see who liked you:

A dating app screen shows two blurred profile images with the text "2 Likes" and an option to upgrade to Elite Membership to see who liked you
u/The_Last_Dova-kiin / Via reddit.com

4.Requiring job applicants to talk to an AI assistant before interviewing for a job — AND requiring them to disclose their address:

Text conversation between a customer and a support agent, starting with the agent requesting the customer's street address and the customer repeatedly refusing
u/UnusualPilot7025 / Via reddit.com

5.Suggesting tipping on an online purchase:

Tip options with percentages and corresponding dollar amounts, plus a custom tip field. Below, a payment form accepts credit cards, with fields for card details and Shop Pay or PayPal options
u/eltacticaltacopnw / Via reddit.com

6.Making you go through a million screens and similar-looking buttons before you can cancel a membership:

Reminder options and benefits for a Prime membership. Options include keeping or ending membership with details on benefits and renewal reminders
u/TheGaleForce / Via reddit.com

7.Adding a "hospitality charge" that doesn't actually go to the hospitality staff:

Sign reads: "All purchases are subject to a 4% hospitality charge. This surcharge is not a gratuity payable directly to staff."
u/ICEeater22 / Via reddit.com

8.Relatedly, charging this "economic recovery fee" rather than just raising prices:

Receipt listing food items including waygu mac & cheese, tamales, pizza empanadas, and a glass of sangria totaling $155.95, including a 4% economic recovery fee
u/gryffindork_97 / Via reddit.com

9.And adding a random "honest to goodness fee" and a "harmonized sales tax" (??) at a restaurant:

Receipt totaling $43.63 shows food, drink items, and additional fees. Includes promotional hours for discounted appetizers and drinks
u/wiifitears / Via reddit.com

10.Requiring you to purchase a special hosting license to pay for the TV on your fridge...when you've already paid extra for the refrigerator with the TV:

Digital screen reads, "Annual software and hosting license has expired. Please contact Focal Media to renew your license renewals@focalmedia.com."
u/Ralome / Via reddit.com

11.Phones downloading apps without asking permission:

Screenshot of a smartphone home screen featuring various app icons such as Voicemail, YT Music, Discover, Samsung Health, Crossword Jam, Toon Blast, Solitaire, Word Trip, Royal Match, Woodoku, TikTok, Pandora, and more
u/POTATOCATFINN / Via reddit.com

12.Then not letting you fully delete them:

Facebook app context menu displaying options: Select, Add to Home, Disable, Widgets. App icons are visible in the background
u/Setsunaii_ / Via reddit.com


Mega pack of Daz detergent on left is mostly empty when opened, shown with an identical opened box on the right that's also mostly empty
u/E36Z3 / Via reddit.com

14.And the similar BS change that happened here:

Two images of large ice cream sundaes. Left: a multi-scoop sundae with whipped cream in a glass. Right: a milkshake topped with whipped cream and a cherry in a foam cup
u/Strong_Banana_790 / Via reddit.com

15.Not actually having variety in your "variety pack":

A large box labeled "90 Fun Treats" is surrounded by sorted piles of Sour Patch Kids candy packs on a bed
u/I_Got_Jax_Pain / Via reddit.com

16.And similarly packing Starbursts variety packs with only one flavor:

Unwrapped pink Starburst candies and their wrappers on a glass table
u/Whatsalodi / Via reddit.com

17.Doing this:

A person is holding a receipt in front of a screen displaying "Global" with a website URL, two lights labeled "Filter Status," and a part of a machine
u/moonlight814 / Via reddit.com

18.And this (they should at least give you a free gift card for your trouble or something!):

A hand holds a damaged USPS envelope with a note explaining the damage and two smaller envelopes
u/tidbit_betty / Via reddit.com

19.Using an accessible restroom for storage, making it no longer accessible:

Two restroom stalls have been converted into storage spaces. The left stall holds cleaning supplies and linens, while the right stall is filled with various stacking boxes and chairs
u/bluefishes13 / Via reddit.com

20.Parking like this:

Two cars are shown parked bumper to bumper on the street, one white and one red, touching each other closely with no visible space between
u/Shamoo9000 / Via reddit.com

21.And this:

A white Lexus RX 350 is parked in a spot, slightly over the left yellow line, between two other vehicles in a dimly lit parking lot at night
u/vekliL / Via reddit.com

22.Aaaand this:

A stroller is seen in the foreground. Several parked cars and lush greenery with trees line the street in the background. This appears to be a quiet residential area
u/FaceFurzFranz / Via reddit.com

23.People buying out every apartment in a building to just AirBnB them out, contributing to it being impossible and wildly expensive to find housing:

A wall with 40 lockboxes, each numbered from 1 to 40 in 4 columns, are next to a door with a security system keypad
u/BeautifulOk6158 / Via reddit.com

24.Giant trucks going slow in the left lane:

View from a car on the highway showing a white truck and a pink truck. Text overlay reads: "Fuck these guys. Stop going 70km/h on a highway."
u/MajorRico155 / Via reddit.com

25.This gap between advertising and reality:

A hand holds a DiGiorno Personal Size Pepperoni Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza box above a cooked pepperoni pizza placed on a perforated tray
u/hercoffee / Via reddit.com

26.And packaged food overall having way less than advertised:

A hand pours a can of tomato sauce into a measuring cup on a digital scale reading 11.8 oz. Close-up of the nutrition label shows 25 calories and 280 mg sodium per 1/2 cup
u/thinker_maker_ / Via reddit.com

27.Lying about how many items are in a package:

Cascade Platinum Plus dishwasher detergent pack container beside 52 individual packs neatly arranged on a kitchen counter
Ambiguous_Karma8 / Via reddit.com

28.This architectural nightmare:

Image of a white spindle railing separating a carpeted area from a hardwood floor space with windows in the background
u/THIESN123 / Via reddit.com

29.Canceling an appointment day of:

Text conversation of a person scheduling and canceling an appointment, mentioning times and discussing availability
u/AdvertisingLonely910 / Via reddit.com

30.Changing a "lifetime subscription" into a digital description:

A letter from Rolling Stone announces the transition to digital format starting June 2024. Contact details for customer service are provided for updates or cancellations
u/mtnagel / Via reddit.com

31.Making a ceiling fan a raffle item instead of something apartment units automatically have:

A flyer with a blue bird mascot offering an "Early Bird Special" for signing a lease renewal before June 7 to enter a drawing for a ceiling fan installation
u/Mcdolnalds / Via reddit.com

32.Advertising that something is sugar-free then putting sugar in it:

Can labeled 'Sugar Free' but also lists sugar in the ingredients. Close-up of a hand holding the can
u/CptGoldfish556 / Via reddit.com

33.Putting arbitrary items in locked glass cases in general...but especially when only some of the items are locked:

Hand holding a Claritin box in front of a store display filled with Claritin boxes. A sign above reads "-20%"
u/OrionsByte / Via reddit.com

34.Claiming something is an "egg substitute" then putting eggs in it:

A carton of Bowl & Basket liquid egg substitute and its nutrition label. The label includes vitamins and ingredients such as egg whites, sunflower oil, and flavorings
JJCooIJ / Via reddit.com

35.Updating versions of a software so many times that old, perfectly good software no longer works:

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Education Version software box with the slogan "The world-standard image-editing solution."
u/Natural_Discipline25 / Via reddit.com

36.Not using AC in 100 degree weather when employees are forced to be there all day:

Sign at Target: "Our store is taking steps to conserve energy today by temporarily reducing lighting and air conditioning. Thank you for your understanding!"
u/uchihajoeI / Via reddit.com

37.Any bathroom having showerheads *this* low down:

Person standing in a shower, partially covered by a towel, with wet hair. Only half of their face is visible. No names provided
u/DeptOfInteriorFan / Via reddit.com

38.Or with water pressure like this:

Water flows from a showerhead in a bathroom with a tile wall pattern
u/Epp-1-Stein / Via reddit.com

39.Only giving free water to "elite" members at a hotel:

Hand holding a complimentary water carton by World of Hyatt, stating it's for elite members with Discoverist, Explorist, or Globalist status or for a charge of $4.00
u/wivsta / Via reddit.com

40.Public transport where this crap happens all the time (you know who you are, downtown NYC bus stop that's the bane of my existence):

A rainy city street with traffic lights and vehicles in the distance. A person walks on the wet sidewalk near a glass building
u/retchedBreak / Via reddit.com

41.Requiring a minimum for free shipping and not just rounding up if you're within a few cents:

Shopping cart screen with a subtotal of $76.22. Add $0.03 of items for free shipping. Button: "Proceed to checkout (5 items)." Option to send as a gift
u/fishbethany / Via reddit.com

42.This type of impossible-to-open packaging:

Pack of four 1000mAh AAA 1.2V TRONIC rechargeable batteries on a desk
u/Random_person1233 / Via reddit.com

43.Doing this:

Text conversation showing one person asking another if they want anything from Starbucks multiple times, getting replies saying no, then being asked for a drink after ordering
u/popaxat94 / Via reddit.com

44.Delivering packages like this:

A mailbox with the door open revealing a large package inside. The mailbox is numbered 286
u/Masterofchaos11 / Via reddit.com

45.Packaging games like this:

The image shows a clear plastic Nintendo Switch game case opened, with a single game cartridge for "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" inside
u/cesark310 / Via reddit.com

46.Making restaurant customers pay for parking:

Curbside with the words "PAID PARKING" painted on the sidewalk, near shrubs and a parked white vehicle
u/elephant35e / Via reddit.com

47.And finally, this nonsense that every college student knows too well:

Instructions for an online platform: "Post your response," "Respond to 3 of your peers' posts," and a "Reply" button
u/Oranginafina / Via reddit.com