45 Text Messages to Send When You've Been Ghosted

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If you've been in the dating game, you most likely have been ghosted and/or have ghosted someone. With dating apps presenting us with so many options to choose from, ghosting has become an extremely common practice for ending flings and situationships - but that doesn't make it any less awkward or, in some cases, hurtful. After all, there are a ton of better, more respectful ways to end something. Sometimes, the best thing you can do after you've been ghosted is acknowledge that it happened via a quick text for closure. Here are 45 messages you can send someone after they ghost you so that they know you know what happened.

Funny Ghosting Responses

  • You must be Danny Phantom, because I can see you're "going ghost."

  • This conversation is beginning to feel like a case for the Ghostbusters.

  • My phone must be haunted, because there's a ghost in my messages.

  • I see you're prepping for Halloween early with this ghostly charade.

  • Next time you want to ghost, at least hit with me a "Boo!" so I know what's happening.

  • Talk to you never, Casper.

  • Every time I walk by my phone, there's a chill in the air. Perhaps it's you, ghost?

  • Now I have to cleanse my phone, because there's clearly a petty ghost trapped in it.

  • Should I have been using a ouija board to talk to you?

  • This chat is beginning to feel like a graveyard.

  • Make sure to add "ghosting" as one of your hobbies on Hinge in the future.

  • I should have known there would be ghosts in this chat, since it's been flatlining for the past few days/weeks.

  • Updating your contact name to 👻.

  • Your favorite emoji must be 👻.

  • Well, I can cross "dating a ghost" off my bucket list, at least.

  • I was looking for a partner, but I think I accidentally found a ghoulfriend instead.

  • Since you ghosted, I should confess that this conversation got to be quite boo-ring.

  • If you thought you could ghost without me noticing, you're dead wrong.

  • I wish you the best in your future dating pursuits! Hopefully you're a little less ghostly to the next person.

  • While I wish you hadn't ghosted me, I wish you luck on whomever you decide to haunt next!

  • Based on the lack of texting, I am going to assume you threw your phone into the ocean.

  • Just going to assume you've gone full Bigfoot and fled to the woods where there's no signal.

  • I get the vibe you're not a big texter - if you ever decide you want to hang out again, give me a call with the nearest rotary phone or something.

Serious Ghosting Responses

  • Is everything all right? I noticed it's been a while since you responded.

  • Since I haven't heard from you in a while, I think I'm going to move on. For me, this has run its course.

  • I'm assuming you're no longer interested. While I would have liked to have been told this directly, I still wish you the best in your future dating pursuits.

  • I'm going out with friends tomorrow night. If you'd care to join, we'd love to have you. It would be great to see you again, if your schedule allows!

  • I saw this and thought of you [alongside a tweet, TikTok, picture, etc.].

  • I've really enjoyed getting to know you, but I don't think our communication styles align very well. I think I'm going to pursue someone who can be more responsive to me.

  • I am a little confused as to why you stopped talking to me. Would you want to let me know what went wrong? I understand if not.

  • If you're not a texter, would you prefer meeting up in person to chat?

  • I had so much fun the last time we hung out. Would you be interested in doing something again? I'm happy to plan something!

  • Are you OK? You haven't texted in a while, and I wanted to make sure you were doing all right.

  • If I'm being honest, this hot-and-cold communication style is very stressful for me. I think I'm going to move on.

  • I don't think I can pursue a relationship with someone who treats communicating with me like a hobby rather than a priority. I hope you understand.

  • I appreciate the time we've spent together and the memories we've created, but I'm going to end this, because our communication styles are not compatible.

  • I totally understand if you're not feeling this anymore, but I can't read your mind and would love some clarity on what went wrong, if you're willing to provide it.

  • I'm really hurt by the fact that you ghosted me. I have been very respectful to you, but I don't feel like you're being respectful to me. Therefore, I'm going to move on.

  • Based on our communication in the last few weeks, I think you and I are looking for different things. I want someone who will prioritize me and value my feelings, so I'm going to move on.

  • I know ghosting has become normal, but it still hurts. I won't be talking to you anymore.

  • Getting ghosted is not fun, and I hope the next person you talk to doesn't do it to you.

  • I feel like you're distancing yourself. There's no need for us to keep talking if you aren't feeling it anymore.

  • I think I deserve better than being left on read, so I'm going to move on in my dating journey.

  • Your communication skills make me think you're looking for something casual. I'm looking for something serious, so I think we should part ways.

  • I wish you'd considered my emotions before you decided to ghost me. It was rather hurtful. Goodbye.

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