Is 4-year-old North West too young to be wearing a corset?

“Who would let their child wear a corset?”<em> (Photo: Instagram/noriwestsource)</em>
“Who would let their child wear a corset?” (Photo: Instagram/noriwestsource)

North West may only be four-years-old, but she’s already mimicking her mom’s unique fashion sense.

West was spotted on Monday with Kim Kardashian wearing a loose, floral-printed white corset over a peach-toned slip dress. She paired it with a vintage black Calabrese trucker hat and customized Baby Yeezys with her name emblazoned across them.

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Kim hyped up the sneakers via Snapchat and said they’ll be available on the beginning next week, so other children can follow in North West’s footsteps and get their own customized Boosts and other kids’ gear.

But as cute as her shoes were, critics couldn’t help but focus on North’s corset — yes it was loose, certainly not as cinched in as the corsets Kim is famous for — but why place a corset on a four-year-old to begin with?

It’s hard to tell if the corset is simply part of the dress or was thrown on over the dress, but social media didn’t let this pass.

Making a statement #northwest

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“Why did someone dress that child up in a corset? She’s like 6 and Kim is already trying to squish her tiny organs with that stupid thing these Instagram girls wear,” wrote one Instagram user on a North West fan account. (Note: North is only four, but we get your point.)

“Let’s talk about this toddler in a corset,” another user commented. “Why would anyone think dressing a small child like that is OK?” questioned someone else.

Another suggested: “Too sick for a 4yo kid to wear corsets, it sends out the wrong message. Get her wearing a Minnie Mouse T shirt!!”

“This has taken their Kardashian obsession with waist corsets to the extreme,” wrote one angry critic. “I’d be horrified if my four-year-old beauty wanted one because North is a toddler’s icon! Ban this now and ban sensual bikinis with fake push-up bras and save children!”

“Of course she looks cute, she’s a kid exploring her fashion. But this is still grown folk dress-up to me. There are a lot of kids who wear cute fashion without being too ADULT.”

But many supporters suggest the outfit isn’t that offensive and even hinted that she chose it for herself.

“Sometimes kids pick their own thing to wear,” one fan responded to the criticism.

On Wednesday, Kim responded to allegations in two separate tweets:

In one tweet she demonstrated how the dress wasn’t an actual corset, but a lace-up: “I would never put my daughter in a corset! It’s a dress I bought that is a cotton fabric that laces up & looks like a corset! Just decoration.”

And the second tweet: “Just decoration not a real corset”

Earlier this week North was also spotted in a similar workout attire to Kim — a tank top and Adidas soccer shorts, although West complemented hers with furry slippers while Kim opted for stilettos.

North out in NYC today #northwest #kimkardashianwest

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