4 Ways Emily DiDonato Is Prioritizing Her Mental Health

Emily DiDonato.<p>Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images</p>
Emily DiDonato.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Model and entrepreneur Emily DiDonato is often incredibly candid with her social media followers and podcast listeners. The mom of two regularly touches on common topics like postpartum struggles, well-being trends and confidence issues in the hopes that her lived experience will help others.

The SI Swimsuit star did just that with a Q&A-style Instagram story session earlier this week, in which she opened the floor up to her 2.9 million followers to answer their most burning questions. When one person inquired how her mental health is currently doing, DiDonato graciously offered up an honest answer.

“It’s really good right now!” the Covey cofounder wrote in response, before sharing what’s been helping her mental well-being recently, including: “Less caffeine (anxiety so much better), weekly therapy, working out daily [and] better sleep.”

Of the latter, DiDonato wrote that cutting down on her caffeine intake has in turn helped her get better sleep. She also shared that she’s no longer using supplements like melatonin or Unisom to get a quality night’s rest.

During her online Q&A segment, fans also asked about her workout routine and inquired how DiDonato and her husband, Kyle Peterson, are balancing family life as busy working parents of two. They share a daughter named Teddy, whom they welcomed in 2021, and a 9-month-old son named Oliver.

While she stated that being a mom of two young children is “a handful,” DiDonato also added that she “adores[s]” having two kiddos.

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