4 older rescue dogs looking for a new home

could you offer one of these loveable older dogs a home
4 older rescue dogs looking for a new homeRSPCA

It's a sad truth that older dogs are often overlooked in rescue centres, often due to misconceptions about their energy, training or ability to bond with a new family. But senior dogs make wonderful companions for people of all ages and have plenty of affection to give.

Here, we meet four lovely older dogs (aged four and up) at RSPCA Staffordshire North who are currently looking for new homes.

Bertie the Cocker Spaniel

Bertie is a typical Cocker Spaniel – even at eight years old, and with early cataracts, he still loves to run around! He's looking for a new home after ending up at the RSPCA with some of his friends. Whilst he may be able to live with another dog, he'd prefer to be the only animal in the home (including cats).

Bertie is:

  • Almost housetrained (will need a little training)

  • Able to live with children of secondary school age

  • Able to be left alone for short periods of time


Riot the crossbreed

Five-year-old Riot needs a home that is willing to put in some work, but you'll be rewarded with plenty of love in return. He's a chunky dog and sometimes doesn't realise his size, so whilst he can sit nicely for a treat, he needs a little work on the lead. He loves food and treats, which is very useful for training. Due to his size, he needs to live in an adult-only household. Riot would prefer to be the only pet.

Riot is:

  • Great at lots of commands

  • In need of plenty of human company - ideal if you work from home

  • Always on the go


Rosie the crossbreed

Rosie ended up at the RSPCA through no fault of her own and is a happy, affectionate dog. She's super strong, so needs someone with plenty of experience to help her get used to walking nicely on a lead. However, she's full of love and is happy both exploring and chilling out.

Rosie is:

  • Four-years-old

  • Able to be left alone for short periods

  • Able to live with children of secondary school age

  • A gentle giant


Buster the crossbreed

Buster might be seven-years-old, but he's still a bundle of energy. He's good-natured and has a happy disposition, but needs plenty of exercise and an experienced home. He needs some training to help him learn to sit nicely (as well as other commands) but he should pick this up quickly with the right owner.

Buster is:

  • Best-suited to an adult-only household

  • Able to be left for short periods of time

  • Very active and friendly


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