This 4-Move AMRAP Is Your New Favourite Functional Sesh

·2-min read

With loaded carries, uneven lifts and hybrid movements on the agenda, you’ll be building an unshakeable trunk, real-world muscle and a durable body that’s ready for anything. After a good warm-up, set the timer for 30 mins, working through as many rounds as possible. Don’t rush – form is everything here.

Press to Single-Arm Overhead Carry

5 reps + 15m each side

Clean some dumbbells on to your shoulders. Press one bell overhead five times (A). After the fifth rep, keep the bell locked out overhead and walk 15m forwards (B). Lower it to your shoulder and turn. Repeat with your other arm. Strong and stable shoulders in one move.

Dumbbell Beast Row

20 reps

Time to switch on beast mode. Drop on to all fours with your hands on the bells. Put your weight into your toes and lift your knees up (A). Keeping your hips still, row one bell up to your hip (B), pause and lower. Alternate between sides for 20 total reps.

Walking Lunge


This one will test your legs, core and grip. Clean the bells up on to your shoulders and stand tall (A). Keeping your chest up at all times, step forwards with one leg and bend your front knee until the back knee touches the floor (B). Stand up, pause and repeat with the other leg. At the 15m mark, turn around and head back.

Suitcase Carry


Grab the heftiest weights that you can manage and take a stroll (A). Hold a heavy dumbbell at your side, squeeze the opposite fist and create tension through your entire body. Take a deep breath into your belly and begin a fast march, keeping your torso upright (B). Switch arms at the 15m mark and repeat.

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