6 Items Our Editors Would Never Buy From Zara

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Hold up—there are actually items Who What Wear UK editors won’t buy from Zara? I know—we can barely believe it ourselves, but it’s true. Just like everyone else, we have pieces we find ourselves gravitating towards and others we avoid at all costs. And today, we’re here to share exactly what we prefer not to buy from the fast-fashion retailer. Admittedly, while the “don’t-buy” lists are significantly shorter than the “must-buy” lists, the reasoning behind each editor’s answer is worth hearing out, especially if you're on the fence about purchasing one of the items for yourself.

Now, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t be shopping for these at Zara. (Heck, some of the items our editors would rather not buy might be your favourite Zara section, and that’s okay—we all have our preferences and opinions.) Truly, in this situation, there’s no right or wrong answer, because at the end of the day, you know we all have an unhealthy obsession with the brand, so who are we to judge? We just thought it would be interesting to find out what these knowledgeable editors steer clear of when it comes to shopping affordably at Zara.

That said, we're not in the way of being unnecessarily negative, so we thought we'd balance this out by charting the items our editors love to buy from Zara, which was significantly harder to whittle down. Read on to find out which items our Who What Wear UK editors would never buy from Zara plus the items currently on their radar.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

Would Never Buy From Zara: Trousers

Loves to Buy From Zara: Dresses

“I don’t buy trousers from Zara, as they never fit me! I’m a size 12, and unless they’re stretchy or feature an elastic waistband, it’s simply a no-go. Although I love the styles on offer, even the size L doesn’t seem to work for me, so rather than make myself feel fed up, I’ve just stopped even trying them on. Why put yourself through that only to be disappointed? That's my logic. Instead, I always opt for dresses, especially those that are fitted at the waist but fuller on the bottom. That kind of silhouette seems to fit my hourglass figure far better when it comes to this store. Whenever I wear a Zara dress, I always notice I receive more compliments. And I don't think that's any sort of coincidence."

Zara Printed Poplin Dress (£50)

Zara Plumetis Embroidered Dress (£60)

Zara Linen Dress with Slit (£30)

Zara Embrodiered Dress (£60)

Zara Poplin Dress (£20)

Emma Spedding, Editor

Would Never Buy From Zara: Statement Jewellery

Loves to Buy From Zara: Blouses and Blazers

“In my lifetime, I have spent a lot of money on costume jewellery from Zara—big earrings, statement hair accessories and OTT necklaces. We've all been there on a Friday night, haven't we? But I find it’s better to buy better-quality, quieter jewellery that I will wear for years and years, so now, I'm trying to avoid buying jewellery that is too trend-led, tempting as that may be. Instead, I tend to buy blouses and blazers from Zara, the latter of which are proving incredibly strong this season and provide an easy pairing to my favourite jeans.”

Zara Oversized Flowing Blazer (£70)

Zara Frilly Poplin Shirt (£26)

Zara Embroidered Blouse (£50)

Zara Basic Blazer (£30)

Zara Printed Blouse (£30)

Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor

Would Never Buy From Zara: Denim

Loves to Buy From Zara: Tailoring

“Quite a few people have waxed lyrical about how good Zara denim and jeans are (including one of my colleagues below), but for some reason, I’ve never quite got on board. Sorry, Zara. I won’t be venturing into your denim department any time soon, strong as it may be at the moment. Instead, I’d opt for tailored pieces, such as the waistcoats and blazers or the new slouchy tailored trousers that seem to be everywhere right now. It’s also worth delving into the men’s section, as you might find some gems there.”

Zara Wide-Leg Masculine Trousers (£30)

Zara Linen-Blend Waistcoat (£26)

Zara Stripe Shirt (£28)

Zara Oversized Blazer (£70)

Zara Cropped Trousers (£30)

Elinor Block, Assistant Editor

Would Never Buy From Zara: Trousers

Loves to Buy From Zara: Jeans (Yes, Really!)

“Despite what the other editors say about Zara denim, I’m very into it. I’m between a size 10 and 12 and find that the brand’s jeans fit me the best of any other high-street brand. I do have a few caveats to ensure that they fit my 5’3’’ frame: They need to be of the cropped variety and high-waisted to fit properly, but Zara often hits the mark. Conversely, I find it hard shopping in Zara’s general trouser department, as all the styles come up pretty long. I know I could get them tailored, but I feel strapped for time as it is. I’ll stick to Zara’s cropped jeans, thank you!”

Zara Mom Jeans (£28)

Zara Ripped Mom Jeans (£28)

Zara The Sailor Flare Jeans (£30)

Zara Baggy Paperbag Trousers (£28)

Zara Mom-Fit Coloured Jeans (£28)

Maxine Eggenberger, Contributing Editor

Would Never Buy From Zara: Swimwear

Loves to Buy From Zara: Shoes and Bags

“In all honesty, there are very few items I won’t buy from Zara—the only thing I can think of is swimwear, which I seldom buy from any high-street store. With my larger bust, Zara’s swimwear is a complete no-go, as I find it grossly lacks in support. Zara shoes and bags, however, are another story. I don't know who the buyers of each department are, but my bank balance owes them a debt. I have a couple of designer bags in my collection and, honestly, I feel like some of Zara's more premium bags are of the same quality and aesthetic. As for the shoes, Zara helped me fall in love with pretty pairs and has brightened up my footwear line-up tenfold."

Zara Crossbody Bag with Buckle (£50)

Zara Heeled Rhinestone Sandals (£30)

Zara Animal Print Chain Shoulder Bag (£26)

Zara Heeled Sandaks with Jute Insole (£50)

Zara Flat Mules with Buckle (£50)

Zoe Anasatsiou, Social Media and Fashion Editor

Would Never Buy From Zara: Jeans

Loves to Buy From Zara: Tops and Knitwear

"Sadly, when it comes to Zara, jeans just don't work for me. Generally, they're way too long for my petite frame and tend to overwhelm me a little. Yes, there seems to be a theme going on with the editors here. Instead, I turn to the high-street retailer for knitwear—which can afford to look a little oversized—or fitted second-skin tops in comfy stretch fabrics. Or, better yet, knitted tops! My most well-worn tops and jumpers all come from Zara; I always look for classic styles over trend-led pieces to ensure they remain in my wardrobe for a long time."

Zara Ribbed Knit Top (£15)

Zara Sleeveless Knit Top (£20)

Zara Knitted Top with Straps (£12)

Zara Flowing Knit Shirt (£30)

Zara Linen-Blend Knit Sweater (£30)

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