4 Editors Tried Pistola's Bestselling Pants - FYI, They're Flattering in Both Denim and Leather

Straight-leg pants are a tricky style to master, no matter the fabric. That why all of our editors' ears perked up at the opportunity to test out the Pistola Cassie Pants ($128-$158) - FYI, they are the brand's bestselling style for the flattering cut and wide variety of colors. Our four shopping-obsessed editors tested out these jeans (and one pair in leather!) to see if they're truly worth the hype. Sorry for spoilers, but yes, we all absolutely love them.

The best part? The Cassie pants are currently on sale for Black Friday! In fact, the entire site is 30 percent off at checkout right now. So keep reading to see how these internet-famous pants look on all of us while we share our candid thoughts on them. Let's dig in!

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