4 Easy Holiday Hairstyles, Courtesy of Megan Roup

Megan Roup. <p>Leon Bennett/Getty Images</p>
Megan Roup.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

We all know that a good holiday party look isn’t just about your outfit. Of course, your ensemble plays a role, but these days, there is a heavy emphasis on good holiday party hairdos. While we’re not complaining—we love a good festive hairstyle—we also know how daunting it can be to perfect a style that you like and that is fitting for the occasion.

Well, we have good news for you. One, sometimes simple is actually the way to go. Being festive doesn’t require an over-the-top style. Two, fitness instructor Megan Roup is on the same wavelength and has taken to Instagram to give her two cents on the best holiday hairstyles to sport this season. She offered four simple, accessory-centered styles that we think are absolutely more than fit for your next festive party. Here are her recs:

1. Statement headband

A more-than-simple style. Roup wore her hair down in a soft wave and complemented it with a thin pearl headband. If pearls aren’t your thing, opt for a gold metallic option or a simple (and so in-style) padded headband.

2. Layered hair pins

This one also doesn’t require much prep work to your hair itself. Simply leave it down or style it just a touch (a slight wave would do the trick), then, like Roup, pin a series of bejeweled clips to the hair on one side of your head. She took three different complementary clips and pinned them right in a row in the hair above her ear. Simple as that.

3. Half-up bow

O.K., we’ve all seen celebrities of late rocking this style. In a move that we never would have anticipated (but, we have to be honest, we’re definitely loving), they have brought back the bows of childhood and seamlessly incorporated them into their ultra-chic adult style. Genius.

For the holiday version, Roup put her hair in a half-up ponytail and then added a sweet light pink satin bow. Looking to be ultra-festive? Opt for a red bow instead.

4. Clip up-do

For this one, the fitness instructor suggested a holiday-inspired version of your favorite hair claw. She used a red claw decorated in roses, and spun her hair into a low bun before clipping it up with the festive clip.

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