4 DIY WandaVision Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Wanda's Most Iconic Looks

  • Marvel's WandaVision is full of Halloween costume ideas that are easy to create at home.

  • You can use hair and makeup items you already have or shop for costume pieces like wigs on Amazon and Etsy.

  • Ideas include her '50s, '70s, and '00s looks, as well as her classic Scarlet Witch costume.

Halloween is the one day a year when you can transcend decades like Wanda Maximoff from Marvel's WandaVision. Sure, there are plenty of Halloween costume ideas from the present day (Black Widow, anyone?), but if you are feeling nostalgic or want to step out of your comfort zone, WandaVision is packed with inspiration ranging from the 1950s to the early 2000s, and the beauty looks are surprisingly easy to make at home.

Want to party like it's the '90s? Grab a flannel and a scrunchie, and copy Wanda's grunge look. Feeling groovy like it's 1975? Throw on some peach lipstick, straighten your hair, and look for a psychedelic-printed top. Another obvious choice is Wanda's comic-accurate Scarlet Witch ensemble that she wears as her own Halloween costume, complete with a bold headpiece.

The nine episodes have a range of hair and makeup looks to choose from, so keep scrolling to get ideas for your own DIY WandaVision Halloween costume this year.

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