4×4 Jet Flying Aircraft Powered By Rolls-Royce Engines Can Soar Through The Sky At 460mph

An Italian designer has reimagined the future of flying vehicles with his 4x4 jet flying concept vehicle. Created by Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio, Aircar is a small, futuristic vehicle powered by Rolls-Royce jet engines enabling it to soar through the sky at great speed. Allowing travelers to avoid road traffic by simply jetting off above ground, the 4×4 jet aircraft measures 6 meters in length, and is designed to accommodate up to one pilot and three passengers. Its carbon-fibre monocoque bodywork lends it an ultra-lightweight form. Efficient in both size and speed, the Aircar can cruise at an estimated top speed of 750 Km/h (460mph) for an estimated autonomy of 3200 kilometers on jet fuel. At the moment, the Aircar remains a concept flying vehicle though Lazzarini seeks to release it by 2024 with a first real scale prototype before it is ready to hit the market.