3D tech proves British Cambridge student who died at Pete Doherty house party was murdered, FBI expert claims

A respected FBI agent has claimed that the Cambridge graduate who suspiciously died at a house party attended by Pete Doherty in 2006 was “murdered”.

In the new Channel 4 documentary Pete Doherty, Who Killed My Son? FBI instructor Grant Fredericks used groundbreaking 3D technology to recreate Mark Blanco’s last moments at the drug-fuelled party in an east London flat.

Almost 17 years after her son’s death, Shelia Blanco remains convinced that her son was pushed off a first-floor balcony, a suggestion backed up by the FBI technology which suggests “another body” had been on the balcony moments before Mark died.

“Our sympathies remain with the family of Mark Blanco. Police conducted an investigation of all the evidence available following his death,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Mr Blanco’s death.

“Following the initial investigation, the death has been subject to various reviews by the Met; where areas for re-investigation were highlighted, these were progressed by homicide detectives, and we have undertaken expert analysis of the CCTV footage.

“The investigation into the death remains ongoing and any new evidence or information will be assessed by detectives.”