At 39, Kate Bosworth shares a topless photo with her dog, and her abs are 🔥

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Kate Bosworth showed us that her love knows no end when it comes to her pets. The 39-year-old shared an adorable (and revealing!) belated Instagram post with her followers on Wednesday in honour of National Pet Day.

The Blue Crush star's caption perfectly summed up how everyone feels about their best furry friends. 'National Pet Day was yesterday, my animals had no idea as they think every day is their day 💁🏼♀️,' she captioned the pics.

Kate shared four pics in the post: two of her cat, Teak, and two posing alongside her dog, Happy. In the first, she's wearing a cute silk camisole and sun hat in a deck chair while her pup happily lies next to her. The second shows a solo, close-up shot of Teak.

Things get a little more risqué in the third photo, where Kate poses topless, wearing only grey bikini bottoms and a sun hat (her hands are placed strategically on her chest) while she mimics Happy's expression next to her. Sun's out, tongues out!

The last pic shows the actress luxuriating in the sun with Teak.

L.A. makeup artist Amber Dreadon wrote, 'So sweet 😍😍,' and Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf commented, 'So cute!!' Kate's followers were also cheering her on for her daring topless pic. 'Okay nothing beats the third. Best photo of all time,' one wrote. Another commented, 'Amazing pets! And your expression in that third pic 😂😂.'

Kate is looking super happy, and she previously told Women’s Health US that she feels like her healthy attitude extends beyond taking care of her body these days. The actress is super into meditation (she says she uses the Ten Percent Happier app).

'What I love most about where I’m at today in terms of my fitness is that I not only feel the healthiest I’ve been in my body, but I also feel the healthiest I’ve been in my mind and my heart,' she said. 'The truth is, it really does all connect.'

To stay fit, she works with Stephanie Watson, nutrition coach and CPT, who she met on a TV show called The I-Land.

'She’s [Stephanie] also very focused on low-impact exercise and the mind-body connection,' Kate said. 'Her whole mission is low-impact fitness and I learned everything I know about that from her.'

And one of her fave workouts is P.volve, a low-impact fitness method that focuses on smaller ranges of motion and functional movements that mimic the way your body actually moves.

'I know that everyone thought the video I put up about P.volve was pretty funny,' she told WH. 'It’s a provocative video, but it’s actually such a wonderful piece of equipment. P.volve is really focused on those kind of low-impact, micro-movements in order to target hard-to-reach areas.'

As for her diet, Kate told SELF that she follows the 80/20 rule, and subscribes to the 'all things in moderation' adage. Her fridge is full of lean meat, fruits, avocados, walnuts, eggs, and olive oil. And she is obsessed with ketchup. 'Ketchup is the indulgence that I never give up. Ketchup on everything,' she said.

She also has a serious sweet tooth, and is known to post some of her favourite sweet dishes. Here she is posing with a glazed donut from a trip to North Carolina.

Kate knows it's all about balance!

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