39 Times Funny People Made Ridiculously Hilarious Additions To Their Bathrooms

39 Times Funny People Made Ridiculously Hilarious Additions To Their Bathrooms

You've no doubt heard of bathroom humor (i.e. crude jokes about things like passing gas or going #1 or #2).

Jeff Daniels in a comedic scene from the movie "Dumb and Dumber," with his mouth wide open, looking up
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But have you heard of LITERAL bathroom humor? That is, bathrooms that are just plain funny? If not, here are 39 bathrooms with quite the sense of humor:

1.First, this eye doctor's bathroom has a hilariously on-point sign:

Eye chart-themed sign with the message: "PEE IN THE BOWL AND NOT ON THE SEAT THANK YOU."
Tufflaw / Via reddit.com

2.This bathroom has helpful notes on the door lock:

Door with two restroom signs: "Poop Alone" and "Poop W/ Friends." The "Poop W/ Friends" sign is placed above the latch
AverageHiro / Via reddit.com

3.And this bathroom is a source of 100% foolproof dating advice:

"Dating Tip: Exit the bathroom on a date wrapped in toilet paper and say, 'We have so much in Tutan-common,' she will 100% sleep with you."
obviousplant / Via reddit.com

4.This bathroom is not ideal for any shy pee-ers out there:

Public restroom with three urinals. Unique posters of women making various facial expressions are on the wall above the urinals
URLcrazy / Via reddit.com

5.This bathroom received rave reviews:

Framed sign with a 5-star rating and text that reads: "Would poop here again - pleasant ambience, adequate ply."
Aust1nL33 / Via reddit.com

6.This Canadian bathroom has graffiti that is just so...Canadian:

Graffiti message on a wall says, "Your mom is a nice lady" and another message below says, "Your father is proud of you."
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

7.And so does this one, eh:

Text on a tiled wall reads, "For a good time, call your mother and tell her you love her."
ron10105 / Via reddit.com

8.This Indian restaurant's bathrooms have these Taj Mahal-esque signs on the doors:

Two metal plaques with simple, line-drawn architecture designs. The left plaque shows a single-dome structure; the right plaque depicts a double-arch structure
the_lastone_left / Via reddit.com

9.The bar's bathrooms have these on-theme signs on the doors:

Symbols indicating restroom genders: left circle has a figure with a bottle shape, right circle has a figure with a martini glass shape
Dontwant2leave / Via reddit.com

10.And this donut shop's bathrooms have equally on-theme signs on the doors:

Donut sign on the left door for the women's restroom and a submarine sandwich sign on the right door for the men's restroom in an orange and green hallway
scoutprob / Via reddit.com

11.This bathroom requires a code to get in...but don't worry, it's not much of a mystery:

Door with a keypad lock, a sign displaying "CODE: 12345," and an indicator showing "VACANT."
Theoldelf / Via reddit.com

12.This bathroom has "MEN" written on the outside of the door, but "WOMEN" (spelled backwards) on the inside in order to trick guys into thinking they went into the wrong bathroom:

Restroom doors labeled "MEN" and "WOMEN" with the "WOMEN" sign written backwards on one door
prichardson154 / Via reddit.com

13.And this bathroom has a pogo-plunger for those REALLY backed up toilets:

A pogo stick with plunger bases, a regular plunger, and a toilet brush are placed next to a toilet in a bathroom
ZombieLibrarian / Via reddit.com

14.This workplace bathroom REALLY wants to make it clear no one is to get, uh, too comfortable on company time:

Notice sign that reads: "Absolutely no masturbation on company time. Clock out - before you pull your cock out!"
The_Undermind / Via reddit.com

15.This bathroom has a "button" you push for maid service (but don't hold your breath waiting):

A light switch next to a humorous sign saying, "Press button for maid service. If there is no answer, do it yourself." The "button" is a sewn-on button
Tallnate68 / Via reddit.com

16.This bathroom is conducting an important poll:

Graffiti on a wall discussing the topic of wiping, with a tally between standing and sitting positions, and comments questioning standing and saying it depends on the mood
Aust1nL33 / Via reddit.com

17.And so is this one:

A graffiti on a bathroom wall asks, "Ever go to the bathroom just to re-wipe your ass? Be honest." Below, there are two checkboxes: "Yes" with tallies and "No" with one tally
Goldenboysixtynine / Via reddit.com

18.This men's room has quite the cheeky painting in it:

Mural of a person wearing minimal attire bending over, inspecting a car engine. Positioned in a hallway between bathroom doors
Bakica_original / Via reddit.com

19.This bathroom is just so damn inspirational:

Framed message saying: "Just in case no one told you today - Hello! You're doing great. I believe in you. Nice butt."
suolasakaali / Via reddit.com

20.And this bathroom encourages you to clean your butt using the three seashells method:

Wooden shelf in bathroom with three seashells and text: "Please Consider Using These Seashells."

21.This bathroom has options based on your level of expertise:

A roll of duct tape labeled "Expert Mode" is beside a roll of toilet paper labeled "Easy Mode" on a restroom wall
MemeChallenge / Via reddit.com

22.This bathroom has this not-at-all snarky sign on the door:

Sign with taped edges that reads: "Hey if a public bathroom door is locked don't forget to try to repeatedly open it and give the person using it paralyzing anxiety +5 more minutes"
Vital_Granade / Via reddit.com

23.And this men's room — in a workplace with only one male worker named Ben — has been appropriately altered:

A restroom sign, with a handwritten paper note covering part of the name, forming "Ben" next to a men's restroom symbol
michellenicolell / Via reddit.com

24.OK, here are a few more bathrooms with truly unique signs on their doors. There's these minimalist bathrooms:

Two black restroom doors, each with a simple sign depicting a standing figure. The figure on each door is not gender-specific
aunting_frenchman / Via reddit.com

25.These bathroom doors with some strange stained wood...that nonetheless gets its point across:

Two restroom doors in a hallway, with signs indicating accessible restrooms for men and women. A hand sanitizer dispenser is mounted between the doors
Mongo527 / Via reddit.com

26.And this bathroom with a sign that welcomes one and all:

Door with humorous restroom sign featuring symbols for all genders, stating, "Whatever, just wash your hands."
deleted / Via reddit.com

27.This bathroom posted a notice...which some yahoo responded to in the funniest way possible:

Notice sign reads: "Please do not flush anything in toilets other than toilet paper. Thank you." Handwritten note on sign says, "WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE POOP?"
RandenVanguard / Via reddit.com

28.This bar's bathroom had an important reminder for its (likely drunk) customers:

Sign reads: “Attention. Please be patient with the bartender. Even a toilet can serve only one asshole at a time.”
deleted / Via reddit.com

29.And this bathroom had a brutally funny message for its employees:

A door with a silver handle and a lock has a humorous notice sign that reads: "NOTICE: All employees must stop crying before returning to work."
GlutenFreeBuns / Via reddit.com

30.This bathroom wall has an epic takedown of a plagiarized quote:

Graffiti on a wall reads: "We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like." Below it: "We vandalize things that aren't ours with quotes we didn't write to impress people taking shits."
Anus_Plunger / Via reddit.com

31.This bathroom wall has some graffiti that might unite the entire world:

Text on a bathroom wall reads, "Our ass's touched the same seat. We are brothers."
_Arbys_ / Via reddit.com

32.And this bathroom wall reminds us all just how powerful we are:

Handwritten text on a tile wall reads, "If you ever feel powerless, just remember that a single one of your pubic hairs can shut down an entire restaurant."


sivribiber / Via reddit.com

33.This bathroom is sure to scare the hell out of the unsuspecting pooper:

A bathroom with a shower curtain featuring a shadowy figure and the words "HELP ME" in bloody letters, along with a towel and rug both splattered with red stains
ChefCthulhu / Via reddit.com

34.This bathroom has a voice activated paper towel dispenser (no, it doesn't, but this prank sticker is hilarious):

Paper towel dispenser with a sticker that reads, "VOICE ACTIVATED. SAY LOUDLY 'PAPER TOWEL NOW!'"
Wababro / Via reddit.com

35.And this company bathroom really wants its employees to flush the damn urinal:

A humorous bathroom sign reads: "A few of us are not flushing. It's easy. Just push the lever and the smell of piss will go away... If you like the smell, tell us what car you drive and we can all go piss in it!"
deleted / Via reddit.com

36.This bathroom has a suggestion that's maybe not the best:

Sign reading "Bathroom Tip: Going Number 2? Discreetly cover up your poop sounds by continually shrieking at the top of your lungs."
j0be / Via reddit.com

37.This bathroom has an important warning for men:

Sign warning that toilet has an extra high water level. It humorously cautions male users that sitting may cause them to "dunk" their genitalia
deleted / Via reddit.com

38.This bathroom has a sign I don't think I believe:

A man stands in a restroom mirror with a sign that reads, "Mirrors are out of order. Please do not use. Sorry for the inconvenience."
SuicidalParade / Via reddit.com

39.And lastly, this bathroom pays tribute to one of the greatest scenes in movie history about an epic case of the shits:

Framed picture of a person sitting in front of a table with plants, laughing while putting on boots. The image is humorous and part of an article in Internet Finds
untameabledonkey / Via reddit.com

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