365 Days: This Day fans are all saying the same thing

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Controversial Netflix film 365 Days is back with a sequel, This Day, and fans are all saying the same thing.

The original film divided opinion thanks to its divisive plot, which saw a mafia member Massimo kidnap sales director Laura and keep her hostage for a year (365 days) in an attempt to make her fall in love with him.

In the sequel 365 Days: This Day, Laura and Massimo (played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone) are attempting to live a normal life following inter-mafia conflict, when another man begins bidding for her affection.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Since its release on 27th April, fans have all been saying the same things about the film on social media. One, that there are a lot of sex scenes, and two: why are there so many songs?

"I’ve never heard as many songs in a movie as in 365 Days: This Day," one person wrote, while another put, "The new 365 Days movie song track list must be 8 pages long because they play a new song every 30 seconds damn #365daysThisDay."

Someone else said, "If you took a shot every time a song played in 365 Days: This Day, you would die of alcohol poisoning before the half way point" and "So basically..the 365 Days 2 is a whole music video with random songs?"

If anyone needs a new playlist, you know where to look.

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