Kim Kardashian shuts down criticism of her latest bikini pics

Fans and foes of the Kardashian clan are reveling in untouched bikini-clad pics of Kim and Kourtney after candid photographs of the two were splashed onto the web during their Mexican getaway.

Celebrating Kourtney’s 38th birthday, the sisters were accompanied by a group of girl friends as they kicked back by the sea. Both Kim and Kourtney look healthy and gorgeous in the pictures — but unfortunately for Kim, not everyone is feeling her beach body.

“Kim’s butt looks crazy, it’s not even round no more, that’s the side effects of butt injections, Kourtney looks waaay better,” one spectator wrote on Twitter.

“Kim’s ass is deformed and you guys keep saying she looks great, are you on the k payroll?” wrote another.

But the mom-of-two isn’t taking the criticism to heart, hitting out on Twitter with a super-sassy statement.

“Oh and as for me you ask? …I’m just sitting here on the beach with my flawless body,” she wrote on Monday evening, beside a slew of updates from her trip so far.

We couldn’t help but seek out more beach looks from Hollywood’s hottest sisters — hand-picking more than twenty Kardashian-Jenner swimsuit moments of utter glory. Click through the gallery to see more!

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