Symprove's on sale! Get the legit, research-backed - and celeb-loved - probiotic for less

<span class="caption">Get 20% off Symprove, Millie Mack's #1 probiotic</span><span class="photo-credit">Getty | Symprove</span>
Get 20% off Symprove, Millie Mack's #1 probioticGetty | Symprove

If you’ve been reading our mag recently (and we hope you have), you’ll be well aware that probiotics are dominating the headlines within the world of wellness right now. Not only are they the GOAT when it comes to gut health, but the latest science also suggests that they could also have a positive impact on mental health, too.

Even better news – you can now get 20% off Symprove – the probiotic beloved by Millie Mackintosh and top dieticians including the force that is Dr Megan Rossi - AKA the Gut Health Doctor - in the Black Friday sales.

Symprove has a serious celebrity following, with former Women’s Health cover stars Millie Mackintosh, Ella Mills and Gemma Atkinson all having been seen online knocking back this expert-approved probiotic liquid.

Why? Because unlike so many other probiotics on the market which promise serious gut health gains then die as soon as they hit your stomach, Symprove is clinically proven to go the distance.

In fact, independent research from University College London found that this powerful probiotic was able to not only survive in but also colonise the gut without falling foul of stomach acid en route.

Containing 10 billion live and active colony forming units (a.k.a. CFUs), Symprove is 'a unique water-based food supplement to support the gut microbiome.'

Probiotic strengths vary, but if you’re looking for a general gut health boost, you’re going to need with at least 5 billion live CFUs according to the experts.

Taken once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, Symprove offers various flavours to choose from: original (one for the OGs out there); Mango and Passionfruit (for those with more tropical tastebuds) and the recently-launched strawberry and raspberry variety.

Sound interesting? Find out more about what happened when we trialled Symprove here at Women's Health HQ.

Judging by the ringing endorsements, thousands of positive reviews and - you know - rigorous academic research, this is one Black Friday buy that's well worth the investment. We've got a gut feeling about it. (Sorry.)

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