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In An Amusement Park

How to keep guests entertained at a wedding? Take them to a vintage theme park, of course. Dreamland in Margate has weddings from £8,000 for up to 70 people. Get married in the beautifully restored grade-II listed ballroom, have drinks in the VIP beach huts - and top it off with a blessing on a roller coaster. [Photo: Dreamland Margate]

30 Alternative British Wedding Venues That Won’t Break The Bank

Finding a decent wedding venue can be a tricksy beast. If it’s not too expensive, it’s too small. And if it’s the right size, it’s unoriginal and just a bit…meh. 

Thankfully, there are some quirky places around the UK where you can get married without breaking the bank. From a giant greenhouse to Roman baths, here’s our pick of the best alternative and affordable British wedding venues.