This 3-move Bodyweight AMRAP Is the Ultimate Core Crusher

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Photo credit: South_agency - Getty Images
Photo credit: South_agency - Getty Images

Straight from Men's Health SQUAD Elite Trainers The Lean Machines, this challenge pits you against the clock to accrue as many rounds as possible of their unholy trinity of movements. After a thorough warm-up, start a countdown timer and get to work, hammering your way through round after round of this pump-inducing triplet, resting only as necessary to catch your breath and maintain impeccable form (and not a second more).

Hands Off

Commence proceedings with 5 ‘hand release’ press-ups. Drop into a plank position and slowly lower your chest to the floor, lifting your hands from the ground as you reach the bottom before explosively pushing back up. "By stopping the movement dead at the bottom of your push up you have lost all momentum and inertia, this means you have to create all the force to push yourself up."

Crunch the Numbers

After your final press-ups, flip from front to back, turning over for 10 butterfly sit-ups. Bend your legs and crunch upwards, reaching for your feet, before reversing the movement back to the floor. "These are sneaky, by simply crossing our legs we take a lot of the hip flexors out of the movement meaning we rely more so on our abdominals to pull us up off our backs."

The Last Leg

Get to your feet and finish each round with 15 air squats. Stand tall and push your hips back, bending at the knees and squatting as far down as your mobility allows, stand back up explosively and repeat. Keep the form tight but move through these quickly for full effect. "Air squats will get your legs pumped faster that you care to admit." Reckons Chapman. Hit the deck again for round 2, and keep the fight up until the buzzer sounds.

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