IT Cosmetics Launched a New Line of Serums, and Our Editors Put Them to the Test

Serums are the crème de la crème of skin care. If you want to get something done - treat acne, brighten dark spots, smooth fine lines, boost hydration - use a serum. They're packed with potent, effective ingredients that really make a difference in your skin. The key to achieving your beauty goals is just finding the right serum for you. Luckily, the new IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Serum line has something for everyone.

The four different formulations are: the Bye Bye Dullness Serum, for those looking to brighten; the Bye Bye Lines Serum, for those looking to fight fine lines; the Bye Bye Pores Serum, for those looking to reduce the appearance of their pores; and the Bye Bye Dark Spots Serum, for those looking to even out their complexion. At $29 each, you can pick the best one - or two - for your skin's unique needs.

To put the new serums to the test, three of our editors with different skin types and skin concerns tried the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Serums. Check out their full reviews ahead. And if you're interested in trying them for yourself, use the code POPSUGAR from July 18 to July 25 to get 30 percent off Confidence in a Cream with the purchase of any Bye Bye Serums at .

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