3 Editors Review Those Popular OOKIOH Swimsuits Ahead of Summer

Swimsuits are both the most exciting and the most challenging clothing items to buy when summer rolls around. They signify vacation days, warm weather, and relaxation - but with so many styles, patterns, and trends to shop for every year, it can be hard to find the right one for your collection. That's why our editors jumped at the opportunity to test out three different swimwear options from OOKIOH , a trendy, sustainable brand that makes suits with "a splash of nostalgia."

OOKIOH's bathing suits are bright and fun while still being minimalist. They have almost 100 different swimsuits to choose from, ranging from bikinis to one-pieces, in a wide range of looks to fit every style - from vibrant colorways to fun prints (like retro '70s-inspired florals) to suits with unique buckle embellishments. You can also feel good about shopping from OOKIOH - all of their products are made from 100 percent regenerated materials from ocean and consumer waste.

Ahead, see the OOKIOH swimsuits our editors chose and why they're loving them.

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