3 Easy Spring Outfits All the Parisian Girls Are Wearing

Emily Dawes
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At Who What Wear, we know just how much you, our readers, love to hear about the latest and greatest trends, easy styling solutions, and the best of the best on the high street. That’s why we’ve partnered with Gap, one of our go-to destinations for timeless style, to bring you The Fashion Forecast—a series dedicated to solving your everyday styling needs and wants as well as getting a grip on emerging trends with the help of some of the coolest influencers around. With Paris Fashion Week drawing to a close, the ultimate Parisienne, Julie Berard, lets us in on her secrets to nailing that simple French-girl style for spring.

There is a certain mystery in the world of fashion about the French girl and how exactly one might be able to recreate that je ne sais quoi we bring to our wardrobes. The truth is it’s actually very simple, and I’m here to tell you about some easy tips and tricks I always use when getting dressed.

Dressing like a Parisian is mainly about building a wardrobe of timeless, simple classics. I always start with great basics from destinations like Gap that make such good-quality staples and then add in personality pieces—perhaps a luxury investment item like a handbag or watch—to finish off a look. I’m always inspired by the different ways Parisian girls style up their basics. Everyone seems to have a unique take, and it’s often from the streets where I get ideas for new looks. It’s this mix that is the key to French style and is a good example of how we dress differently from the other fashion capitals.

There are three spring trends I, and a lot of the other girls in Paris, are wearing at the moment, so I created these coordinating looks from Gap’s new collection to help inspire you for the season. I always turn to layers—especially when it can be a little chilly outside—but I still want my outfit to look fresh. I build my base with great denim and T-shirts, then maybe add a plain knit, trench coat, and boots to finish it off—comfort is an important factor if you want to look effortless! Of course, I’ll add a basket bag into the mix for that signature Parisian twist.

Keep scrolling to see the three trends and easy styling tricks I'm into. Happy shopping!

1. Flared Jeans

I’d say a very typical French spring outfit would be a pair of flared jeans, boots, and a light jacket. I actually think wide-leg styles might be replacing skinny jeans as the new silhouette in Paris. Gap has so many great flared-denim options at the moment. They’re probably my hero piece from the new spring collection.

Although I usually wear a minimal palette of colours, I’m actually coming to love prints more and more—just a little touch with a plain outfit works really well. I could also pair these flares with the leopard-print shirt below to change it up a bit one day.

Shop the Look:

Gap Oversized Denim Jacket (£65)

Gap Organic Cotton Vintage T-Shirt (£13)

Gap High Rise Vintage Flare Jeans (£55)

Gap High Rise Wide-Leg Jeans (£60)

Gap Sky High Wide-Leg Jeans (£55)

Gap Perfect Shirt (£40)

2. Double Denim

Double denim is very much in again, but in Paris, you'll find women doing it in a very pared-back way—like with the same denim wash for both pieces. I love this classic denim jacket worn with my favourite flares, and I’ll keep everything else ultra simple. Oversize jeans, some nice jewellery, and a white T-shirt is something I’d wear to work from home at the moment (comfy but still put-together), and then I throw on this jacket for my daily coffee run to make an easy fashion statement.

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Gap Dolman Icon Denim Jacket (£50)

Gap Modern Crewneck T-Shirt (£13)

Gap Sky High Wide-Leg Jeans (£55)

Gap Mid Rise Denim Shorts (£35)

Gap & Jean ReDesign Denim Chore Jacket (£83)

Gap Distressed Denim Dolman Icon Jacket (£50)

3. Oversize Basics

One of my go-to easy trends this spring is oversize tailoring. It gives a staple item some extra personality, which is the French way to do things! I took this blazer in a much bigger size but paired it with a more fitted T-shirt to balance out the proportions and keep the look streamlined. My general motto is to not overdo things, so if I’m making a statement with one piece, I’ll pull back on the others.

Let’s also just take a moment to appreciate how good Gap’s T-shirt selection is. They last forever, and I’ll wear these black and white styles all summer long with shorts or a skirt. Even for the evenings (when things return to normal), I’d just add the blazer and a luxe bag for the perfect understated but polished look.

Shop the Look:

Gap Classic Blazer (£85)

Gap Sky High Wide-Leg Jeans (£55)

Gap Organic Cotton Vintage T-Shirt (£13)

Gap Pocket T-Shirt (£17)

Gap Double-Breasted Blazer (£70)

Gap Perfect Shirt in Poplin (£35)

Gap Relaxed Ribbed Crewneck Sweater (£40)

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