£2k Headphones Clean Out Earwax Instead Of Blasting Music

These headphones clean out ear wax safely from your ears. Created by Seattle-based SafKan Health, the over-the-ear headphones clear out your ears in less than 5 minutes. For 200 years, the medical standard of care has been to syringe water into ear canals, a messy procedure that requires clinicians to place buckets on a patient’s shoulder. The £2,292 OtoSet Ear Cleaning System brings ear care into the 21st century and simplifies earwax removal, reducing the procedure time required from 20 minutes. Each side features two clear chambers, with the top chamber being filled with a liquid solution that flows into the wearer’s ears through disposable ear tips. The solution breaks down the earwax while the suction draws it, and the liquid, back out of the ear and into the lower chamber. The chamber is also a fully recyclable waste container, so thankfully, no one gets tasked with having to clean it out afterwards. Although it looks like anyone could use the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System by themselves, it’s actually an FDA-cleared device designed for use by healthcare professionals only. The firm say the “device offers patients a safe, effective, and mess-free procedure”.