27% of Gym Members Won't Return After Coronavirus Vaccine, Survey Finds

Edward Cooper
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Photo credit: Antonio_Diaz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Antonio_Diaz - Getty Images

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In less than a month, the majority of gyms and health centres in the UK will be allowed to re-open their doors after elements of government-imposed coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

With two-metre spacing, hand sanitiser stations and new booking systems being part of the "new normal" for the fitness scene, your local weights room likely won't be as you remember it — for these reasons, and a few more.

That's because according to a global 12-month survey of over 11,000 gym members, 27.52 per cent of respondents admitted that they won't return to the gym after the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Having analysed data from 142 countries, the RunRepeat survey published results detailing that the countries with the most gym members looking to return after being vaccinated from COVID-19 are Ireland (18.97 per cent) and Great Britain (20.77 per cent).

More optimistically, 48.24 per cent of survey respondents stated that they would return to the gym when they were vaccinated themselves, with a further 24.24 per cent waiting until their family and friends were vaccinated also.

With gyms, health clubs and leisure centres set to re-open from April 12th 2021, Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, stated that "the decision to reopen fitness and leisure facilities in stage two underlines the role they play in our nation’s social fabric and in supporting the NHS, providing an essential service for the mental and physical health of millions."

"The Government also clearly recognises the sector’s excellent safety record, demonstrated by our regular COVID-19 data reporting, and we will continue to provide these updates throughout the next chapter in the management of the pandemic.

"Furthermore, we will continue to work with the Government and its health agencies to address any outstanding questions they have regarding indoor classes, which are due to reopen in stage three."

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