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I LOVE Board Games, and Here Are My Favorites For Adults

I LOVE Board Games, and Here Are My Favorites For Adults

Fact: I LOVE board games. I'm a big fan of the classics - Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue, for instance - plus some newer twists on the staples, like Bananagrams (word nerds, unite!). But really, I'm game for pretty much anything. There's nothing like learning an addictive or hilarious new game, especially with a significant other or your family. When I hear the words "game night," I'll be there faster than you can yell "Yahtzee!" Board games bring out the competitive nature in people, sure, but they also make the best icebreakers and, most importantly, force everyone to put away their phones (something I'll admit I don't do enough).

So if you're looking for a game to keep yourself entertained at home to challenge your partner, or to have fun with your family, here are my tried-and-true favorites (along with a few recommendations from a fellow game master!) that are sure to get your mind off the stresses of life and bring a smile to your face.

- Additional reporting by Josiah Skallerup

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