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Set in the distant future, this Brazilian dystopian series revolves around two communities: the impoverished Inland, and the three percent of the population who are lucky enough to live in a virtual paradise known as the Offshore. Michele Santana may be new to the Offshore and have no family of her own, but her strong sense of justice compels her to make the Inland a better place with its own selection process - even if that means resisting The Process, which can only spell trouble.

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26 Foreign TV Shows on Netflix That Require Your Attention ASAP

It's no secret that Netflix has more incredible TV series available to stream than we can handle. But what has remained a secret for far too long is how many excellent foreign TV shows you can find on the streaming service. From mystery to sci-fi to comedy to period pieces, Netflix offers international TV series in dozens of language and set all over the world, and if you have yet to watch any of them, then you're seriously missing out. Here are just some of the best foreign shows on Netflix, and yes, they're all totally worth reading the subtitles.


27 of the Best Foreign Movies on Netflix That Are Worth Reading Subtitles For