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Battleship (2012)

Optioning unexpected properties for film adaptations was a major trend in the early part of the decade, but the misguided attempt to turn Battleship into a Summer action tentpole turned out to be one of the most roundly mocked failures in years.

The 25 Biggest Movie Flops of the 2010s

The past decade has been home to some truly incredible movies, but let's be honest: there were some massive flops in the 2010s too. It's inevitable that some movies that get tons of hype don't end up living up to their promise, but there are a handful that really take the cake. Whether for reasons of budget overrun, poor writing, or a simple failure to accurately gauge audience interest, these movies didn't just flop - they bombed. While we're looking back at the best of the decade, it makes sense to take a look at some of the worst, too. Ahead, you can find 25 of the biggest flops of the 2010s - did you see any of them?