25 Long-Wearing Lipsticks, Stains, and Creams That Won't Smudge or Smear

Eating, drinking, talking, kissing, slurping, smacking - your mouth is moving for the majority of the day, which means your lips are getting a lot of action. If you were planning on painting them a certain color, and want it to last longer than an hour, you'll want to find a lipstick or lip stain that won't budge or transfer onto your morning cup of coffee, mid-day sandwich, or anywhere else it doesn't belong.

In the beauty world, being successful in the hunt for a long-wearing lip formula that can survive a meal (or any other potential hazard) is a cause to be celebrated. That's why we've rounded up a slew of budge-proof lipsticks and stains, from ones with moisturizing properties to those that promise to withstand all hours of the day. And whether you're a liquid lipstick, matte, or even gloss wearer, rest assured you'll find a finish ahead that's long-wearing without the need to reapply.

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