$24,000 Space Camper Turns Tesla's Cybertruck Into A Versatile Campervan

This wedge-style attachment turns Tesla's Cybertruck into a versatile campervan. Created by California start-up Space Camper the $24,000 robust add-on offers ‘limitless’ customisation to Elon Musk’s elusive vehicle. The camper-section sits into the bed of the pickup and includes a large roof that can open up to provide up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) of standing space. Once erected, the Space Camper reveals built-in steps that allow access inside where it has a detachable fold-down bed that can be turned into a sofa. The camper runs on Tesla's battery pack and also taps into the onboard air compressor to pop its roof in seconds. Inside, there's an induction cooktop, fridge/freezer, water heater, interior and exterior lighting, and power outlets. A modular ecosystem with add-ons like a kitchen, outdoor bathroom, and solar-tripling rooftop charging system promises multifunctional performance. Space Campers also offer solar panels on the roof that can be integrated into a custom roof rack an additional tent thermal insulation kit, custom sheets, electric blanket, thermal padded flooring, and even a built-in movie projector. On the outside, a shower enclosure would deploy from a rack-mounted case and provide privacy for the hot/cold shower and portable toilet. Despite being unveiled in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck is not expected to be delivered to customers before 2023 at a minimum.

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